Enjoy this longform video interview done in an intimate, personal style reminiscent of The Dick Cavett Show or Inside the Actor's Studio. 


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Jamal Igle, part 2

Jamal talks about his work on DC Comics' Supergirl title and gives spoilers to upcoming Supergirl storylines as well as the War of the Supermen crossover beginning May 2010.

Jamal Igle, part 3

We talk about the fan reception to Superman: World of New Krypton and discover the hidden meaning of that series' title.  How much longer does Jamal plan on staying with Supergirl, and what are his future goals?  Also, Jamal opens up about his time on Firestorm, the racism he encountered on the messageboards about that character, and much, much more.

Jamal Igle, part 4

We conclude this initial interview with Jamal and examine the differences between Superman and Supergirl vis-à-vis Krypton, fans rejecting a story even before it's printed, the new Earth-1 graphic novel series, why Jamal thinks Dan DiDio is so smart, what DC Entertainment means for the future of DC Comics, and what's this about Geoff Johns becoming DC's new Publisher?


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