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USTownhall RoundTable The Fall 2016 sessions
Written by Scott Katz   

The new fall TV season is upon us once again, and USTownhall RoundTable podcasters Scott, Kerry, and Brenda are back with another season of their pop culture podcast with pitiless and in-depth analysis of the 23rd season of Dancing with the Stars, among other happenings.


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(1) Aug 31, 2016: DWTS23 cast revealed.  Our reactions.

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(2) Sep 14, 2016: DWTS23 Week 1 - Good premiere, reactions to Ryan Lochte protestors

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(3) Sep 21, 2016: DWTS23 Week 2 - TV night plus 1st elimination: Jake T. Austin

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(4) Oct 6, 2016: DWTS23 Week 3 - Face-Off night plus 2nd elimination: Governor Rick Perry.

Week 4 - Cirque du Soleil night plus 3rd, 4th eliminations: Babyface & Vanilla Ice

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(5) Oct 12, 2016: DWTS23 Week 5 - Most Memorable Year night plus 5th elimination: Amber Rose

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USTownhall RealStories presents MATT RYAN, star of CONSTANTINE
Written by Scott Katz   

On Friday, October 31, we spoke with Matt Ryan, who plays the titular character in the new NBC series Constantine, based on the popular occult DC Comics character.


USTH:  Matt, can you just take us a little bit through the casting process? How did you come to learn about this part and how extensive was the audition process for you before you got it?

Matt Ryan:  Oh wow, it was quite a ride to be honest with you. I was doing Henry V in London in the West End with Jude Law and the Michael Grandage Company. It was pilot season obviously, so there were a lot of auditions coming up.

So, Kate Dowd was casting [the series] in the UK, so I went in for an audition, did a tape, we sat at the table. I actually had really long hair and a big, bushy beard. And I can remember my agent calling me and saying, "Look, they really, really like you, but they can’t really see past the beard," you know?

And I was like, "Well, you know, I’m in the middle of a play. There’s not really much I can do about that."

What was my favorite - I’d been on a movie called Sunday Paper about four or five years ago or something, and I actually bleached blonde my hair for that so it was kind of a similar look.

I think I’d done about four or five tapes or something, you know, with different notes. And I already had a conversation with Daniel (Cerone) and David (Goyer) [developers of the series] as well, via Skype, to give me notes and stuff.

So, kept on doing all of these tapes, but still, I had this big beard. And then, I was going to try and get a night off the play to fly over to test. But unfortunately, due to some circumstances with a member of cast in the play, I wasn’t able to take a night off.

So, I had to let that test go really, in a way. And I think they used my tapes or something. But I think they couldn’t see past my beard. I think they went back to the drawing board and started looking again.

And then they came back about a week or so later and said, "Look, we still really like you and we want you to retape." So retaped again. I ended up doing about six audition tapes or something.

And I think one of the notes which was really funny was my agent said that David Goyer had mentioned that we really liked Sasquatch. And eventually the play ended.

I ended on a Saturday night when I would have the wrap party, so to speak, of the play and jumped on a plane first thing in the morning, flew over. I think it was a holiday in America on that day so all of the hair salons were shut.

So I had to have a friend of mine come over and cut my hair. And then the next day, I went in and tested, and then went to the studio testing process, and then the network testing process.

And then eventually got there, man. It was quite a ride to be honest with you. You know, it was quite a long process – it’s definitely the longest audition process I’d been through. And it was such a thrill then when I actually got the job, you know?


NUP_164192_0005-resizeUSTH:  Given that you’re the star of this show and this is a big American TV production, are you feeling any sort of pressure?  How are you acclimating yourself to being the focus of this new series and all of the attention on you?  How are you handling all of that?

Matt Ryan:  It’s a new experience, you know? It’s something that I’ve never encountered before. So, there’s been different turning points in Constantine that I’ve never come across.

And I feel like you just throw yourself into whatever work you’re doing and you concentrate on that.

And we work so many hours as well that there’s not the time to stop and think, "Oh my God, what is this I’m doing?" which is kind of a good thing because you have to be in the moment and just go with it and keep your work going, which is what I love doing. You know?

[That's] kind of [my] perspective on it, then. And I think that if we had a three month break right now I’d probably go, "What the hell just happened," do you know what I mean? But, at the moment I’m still kind of right in the mix of it.

Kind of working every day. And that’s kind of where I like to be as well. You know, with my head in the work and concentrating on that, you know? I think it’s been a hell of a ride and it’s been really, really good fun as well.

And, I’ve really enjoyed it man. And I’m just taking it all in my stride and trying to enjoy it.


USTH:  I know Constantine is on a different network than some of the other DC comic book shows like The Flash or Arrow,  but has there been any discussion that you know of regarding the possibility of characters from each of those shows crossing into your show or you crossing over into their shows?

Matt Ryan:  Not that I’ve heard of. I mean, I don’t know what goes on in the DC office or what all those guys talk about. But, so far I don’t have any information on whether that’s going to happen or not.


Our thanks to Matt Ryan for speaking with us today.  Contstantine airs Friday nights on NBC.


USTownhall RoundTable podcast
Written by Scott Katz   

The weather outside is frightful, and the conversation on the podcasts below is sometimes even moreso!  The Winter chill has done nothing to curtail the opinionated antics of our podcast crew, Scott, Brenda, and Kerry, as they return for another round of pitiless dissection of television and pop culture happenings.

The Trump Family (l-r Eric, Barron, Melania, Donald, Ivanka, Donald Jr.) [Photo credit: NBC]
Celebrity Apprentice 14 eliminated contestants on Finale Night (not in attendance: Sig Hansen, Shawn Johnson)  [Photo credit: NBC]



Leeza Gibbons,



Geraldo Rivera,


Celebrity-Apprentice-14-Gilbart Gottfried-thumb

Gilbart Gottfried


Ian Ziering


Jamie Anderson


Johnny Damon


Kate Gosselin


Kenya Moore

Celebrity-Apprentice-14-Keshia Knight Pulliam-thumb

Keshia Knight Pulliam


Kevin Jonas


Lorenzo Lamas

Celebrity-Apprentice-14-Terrell Owens-thumb

Terrell Owens


Vivica A. Fox




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Celebrity Apprentice 2015 Episodes 1-3:

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Celebrity Apprentice 2015 Episodes 8-9:

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Celebrity Apprentice 2015 Episodes 4-5:

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Celebrity Apprentice 2015 Episodes 10-11:

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Celebrity Apprentice 2015 Episodes 6-7:

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Celebrity Apprentice 2015 Episode 12:

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Pop Culture Spotlight: Adam Lambert news - solo career & touring with Queen:

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USTownhall RoundTable podcast series
Written by Scott Katz   

Fall is upon us once again, and so we begin our Autumn sessions of the fabled USTownhall RoundTable podcast.  For this season, we'll be concentrating on painstakingly dissecting each episode of that fan-favorite reality series, Dancing with the Stars (Season 19!).  Join us each week to listen to the deathless meanderings of our legendary podcast crew: Scott, Brenda, and Kerry.


Click on the triangular "Play" button to listen to the podcast.  After a few minutes, the file should be fully scannable backwards & forwards.
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Dancing with the Stars preview of Season 19:

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Dancing with the Stars week 6, "Pitbull Night": Jonathan Bennett eliminated

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Dancing with the Stars week 1: Lolo Jones eliminated

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Dancing with the Stars week 7, "Halloween Night": Antonio Sabato, Jr. eliminated

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Dancing with the Stars week 2, "My Jam Monday": Tavis Smiley eliminated

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Dancing with the Stars week 8, "Dynamic Duos Night": Michael Waltrip eliminated

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Dancing with the Stars week 3, "Movie Night": Randy Couture eliminated

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Dancing with the Stars week 9, "America's Choice Night": Lea Thompson eliminated

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Dancing with the Stars week 4, "Most Memorable Year Night": Betsey Johnson eliminated

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Dancing with the Stars week 10, "Plugged/Unplugged Night": Tommy Chong eliminated

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Dancing with the Stars week 5, "Switch-Up Night": no elimination

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Dancing with the Stars week 11, "Finalst": Alfonso Ribeiro wins

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EXCLUSIVE: The Queen + Adam Lambert 2014 Concert Series
Written by Scott Katz   

We kick off our Summer 2014 sessions of the USTownhall RoundTable podcast with full coverage of one of the hottest concert tickets of the season: The Queen + Adam Lambert concert series!  RoundTable panelist Brenda English went to an unbelievalbe six of those concerts in a marathon undertaking from June 22 to July 6.  She'll be sharing her first-hand experiences of the concerts as well as exclusive photos taken from each venue.  This podcast series is truly a must-listen for any Queen or Adam Lambert fan!

USTownhall RoundTable Summer Sessions 2014: The QUEEN + ADAM LAMBERT concert tour

June 22, 2014: Previewing the Queen + Adam Lambert Summer 2014 concert series.

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July 9, 2014: The panel discusses the concerts that took place in Los Angeles and at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas.

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June 30, 2014: The panel discusses the concerts that took place in Edmonton, Calgary, and Vancouver.  Photo galleries below!

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July 20, 2014: More on the Queen/Adam Lambert concert series, but first, the panel weighs in on the controversy surrounding the daytime talk show The View that dominated July entertainment coverage.

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August 4, 2014: The panel is joined by Brenda's son Michael to discuss more on the Las Vegas concerts as well as the FINAL concert in North America – Toronto, Canada on July 29.

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Photo Galleries: Enjoy our three exclusive photo galleries from concerts performed in Canada.  Click on any thumbnail to scroll through the gallery.  Want more photos and the opportunity to connect with other Adam Lambert fans?  Head on over to  https://www.facebook.com/AdamLambertFanClub/ and https://www.facebook.com/AdamLambertFanClub/photos_stream

All Queen + Adam Lambert photos used in this article © 2014 Bren English.  Used by Permission.


JUNE 24, 2014 - Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

P1070150_edited-1-thumb P1070151_edited-1-thumb P1070180 green-thumb P1070185_edited-1-thumb P1070209-thumb P1070255-thumb
P1070292-thumb P1070440-thumb P1070470-thumb P1070527-thumb P1070594-thumb P1070602-thumb



June 26, 2014 - Calgary, Alberta, Canada

P1070629 smaller pse1-thumb P1070635 pse1-thumb P1070661cropped-thumb P1070973cropped2pse-thumb P1080085psecropped-thumb P1080094_edited-1-thumb



June 28, 2014 - Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada - Ever wonder what it would be like to see a concert from ON the stage?  Wonder no more, as we present this gallery of exclusive photos taken from on stage (and back stage!) at the Vancouver show!

P1080103 smaller-thumb P1080104 smaller32-thumb P1080120 smaller pse1-thumb P1080121 smaller pse1-thumb P1080125 smaller pse1-thumb P1080134 smaller pse1-thumb
P1080135 smaller pse1-thumb P1080136 smaller pse1-thumb P1080139 smaller pse-thumb P1080143 smaller-thumb P1080145Y smaller-thumb P1080146-thumb
P1080147 smallerpse-thumb P1080153 smaller pse-thumb P1080154 SMALLER-thumb P1080174 SMALLER-thumb P1080230 smaller 2-thumb P1080248 smallerpse-thumb




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cast of The Apprentice 10


Sherri Shepherd

Vanessa Minnillo

All My Children creator AGNES NIXON

Bronx Opera's BEN SPIERMAN

cast of Big Brother 12 BOBBY FLAY & STEVE ELLS of America's Next Great Restaurant Cast of the play Bridgeboy
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BOB DOWLING of the 3D Entertainment Summit Indie filmmaker ELIANA UJUETA of Beneath the Rock comic book artist JAMAL IGLE Genesis Repertory's JAY MICHAELS, MARY MiCARI, & actors Oscar-winning actor JEREMY IRONS

Animation historian JERRY BECK

1st interview

2nd interview

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2nd interview

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Oscar-winning actress KATHY BATES of Harry's Law Television producer KENNETH JOHNSON of V, Bionic Woman, Incredible Hulk KYLE BORNHEIMER & HAYES MacARTHUR of Perfect Couples

Terrence Howard, René Balcer

Dick Wolf, Alfred Molina, Alana de la Garza

publisher DAN HERMAN of Hermes Press COUNTESS LuANN de LESSEPS of The Real Housewives of New York City author MAX ALLAN COLLINS of Road to Perdition WWE Champion Mike "The MIz" Mizanin
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JEFF HAYNE of Mill Creek Entertainment

1st interview

2nd interview

singer-actor NICK LACHEY supermodel NIKI TAYLOR talks The Celebrity Apprentice actor PAUL REISER of The Paul Reiser Show actor-producer RICKY GERVAIS of The Office actress-television host ROSIE O'DONNELL comic book writer STEVE NILES

Ian Anthony Dale, Nick Wauters

Jason Ritter, Sarah Roemer, Blair Underwood, Željko Ivanek

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THORE SCHÖLERMANN & JO WEIL of Verbotene Liebe Peabody & Emmy award winning journalist TOM BROKAW Emmy award winning actor TOM PELPHREY of Guiding Light actors from The Apothecary Theatre Company TORI SPELLING & DEAN McDERMOTT of sTORIbook Weddings





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