Enjoy this longform video interview done in an intimate, personal style reminiscent of The Dick Cavett Show or Inside the Actor's Studio. 


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Agnes Nixon, part 1

As part of our series of Guiding Light exit interviews, Ms. Nixon talks about her start in radio and television and being mentored by the creator of the soap opera format, Irna Phillips.  She also talks about the creation of her own soaps, One Life to Live and All My Children.

Agnes Nixon, part 2

As our chat continues, Ms. Nixon goes into more depth on writing her own soaps -- One Life to Live and All My Children -- and the issue-oriented storylines, such as interracial romance and abortion, that she was famous for pioneering in daytime.  She also shares her insights as to why Erica Kane, the lead character on All My Children holds such appeal to both women and men.  Finally, Ms. Nixon discusses some interesting fan encounters she's had over the years.


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