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Monday, 02 May 2011 00:29

On Sunday, May 1, 2011, President Barack Obama held a press conference to announce that Osama bin Laden, the leader of the terrorist organization al Qaeda and mastermind behind the 9/11 attacks in America has been killed by US led forces in Pakistan.


Here is the President's speech to the American public:

Tonight, I can report to the American people and to the world that the United States has conducted an operation that killed Osama bin Laden, the leader of al Qaeda, and a terrorist who's responsible for the murder of thousands of innocent men, women and children.

It was nearly 10 years ago that a bright September day was darkened by the worst attack on the American people in our history. The images of 9/11 are seared into our national memory. Hijacked planes cutting through a cloudless September sky.

The Twin Towers collapsing to the ground. Black smoke billowing up from the Pentagon. The wreckage of Flight 93 in Shanksville, Pennsylvania where the actions of heroic citizens saved even more heartbreak and destruction.

And yet we know that the worst images are those that were unseen to the world. The empty seat at the dinner table.

Children who were forced to grow up without their mother or their father. Parents who would never know the feeling of their child's embrace.

Nearly 3,000 citizens taken from us, leaving a gaping hole in our hearts.

On September 11th, 2001, in our time of grief, the American people came together. We offered our neighbors a hand, and we offered the wounded our blood. We reaffirmed our ties to each other and our love of community and country.

On that day, no matter where we came from, what god we prayed to or what race or ethnicity we were, we were united as one American family. We were also united in our resolve, to protect our nation and to -- to bring those who committed this vicious attack to justice.

We quickly learned that the 9/11 attacks were carried out by al Qaeda, an organization headed by Osama bin Laden, which had openly declared war on the United States and was committed to killing innocents in our country and around the globe. And so we went to war against al Qaeda, to protect our citizens, our friends, and our allies.

Over the last 10 years, thanks to the tireless and heroic work of our military and our counterterrorism professionals, we've made great strides in that effort. We've disrupted terrorist attacks and strengthened our homeland defense.

In Afghanistan, we removed the Taliban government which had given bin Laden and al Qaeda safe haven and support. And around the globe, we worked with our friends and allies to capture or kill scores of al Qaeda terrorists including several who were a part of the 9/11 plot.

Yet, Osama bin Laden avoided capture and escaped across the Afghan border into Pakistan. Meanwhile, al Qaeda continued to operate from along that border and operate through its affiliates across the world.

And so shortly after taking office, I directed Leon Panetta, the director of the CIA, to make the killing or capture of bin Laden the top priority of our war against al Qaeda. Even as we continued our broader efforts to disrupt, dismantle and defeat his network.

Then last August, after years of painstaking work by our intelligence community, I was briefed on a possible lead to bin Laden. It was far from certain. And it took many months to run this thread to ground.

I met repeatedly with my national security team as we developed more information about the possibility that we had located bin Laden hiding within a compound deep inside Pakistan.

And finally, last week, I determined that we had enough intelligence to take action and authorized an operation to get Osama bin Laden and bring him to justice. Today, at my direction, the United States launched a targeted operation against that compound in Abad Abad, Pakistan. A small team of Americans carried out the operation with extraordinary courage and capability. No Americans were harmed. They took care to avoid civilian casualties. After a firefight, they killed Osama bin Laden and took custody of his body. For over two decades, bin Laden has been al Qaeda's leader and symbol and has continued to plot attacks against our country and our friends and allies. The death of bin Laden marks the most significant achievement to date in our nation's effort to defeat al Qaeda. And his death does not mark the end of our effort. There's no doubt that al Qaeda will continue to pursue attacks against us. We must and we will remain vigilant at home and abroad. As we do, we must also reaffirm that the United States is not and never will be at war with Islam. I've made clear just as President Bush did shortly after 9/11 that our war is not against Islam. Bin laden was not a Muslim leader. He was a mass murderer of Muslims. Indeed, al Qaeda slaughtered scores of Muslims in many countries including our own. So his demise should be welcomed by all who believe in peace and human dignity. Over the years, I've repeatedly made clear that we would take action within Pakistan if we knew where bin Laden was. That is what we've done. But it's important to note that our counterterrorism cooperation with Pakistan helped lead us to bin Laden and the compound where he was hiding. Indeed, bin Laden had declared war against Pakistan as well and ordered attacks against the Pakistani people. Tonight I called President Zardari, and my team has also spoken with their Pakistani counterparts. They agree that this is a good and historic day for both of our nations. And going forward, it is essential that Pakistan continue to join us in the fight against al Qaeda and its affiliates. The American people did not choose this fight. It came to our shores and started with the senseless slaughter of our citizens. After nearly 10 years of service, struggle and sacrifice, we know well the costs of war. These efforts weigh on me every time I, as commander in chief, have to sign a letter to a family that has lost a loved one or look into the eyes of a service member who's been gravely wounded. So Americans understand the costs of war. Yet as a country, we will never tolerate our security being threatened, nor stand idly by when our people have been killed. We will be relentless in defense of our citizens and our friends and allies. We will be true to the values that make us who we are. And on nights like this one, we can say to those families who have lost loved ones to al Qaeda's terror, justice has been done. Tonight we give thanks to the countless intelligence and counterterrorism professionals who've worked tirelessly to achieve this outcome. The American people do not see their work nor know their names, but tonight they feel the satisfaction of their work and the result of their pursuit of justice. We give thanks for the men who carried out this operation, for they exemplify the professionalism, patriotism and unparalleled courage of those who serve our country. And they are part of a generation that has borne the heaviest share of the burden since that September day. Finally, let me say to the families who lost loved ones on 9/11, that we have never forgotten your loss, nor wavered in our commitment to see that we do whatever it takes to prevent another attack on our shores. And tonight, let us think back to the sense of unity that prevailed on 9/11. I know that it has, at times, frayed. Yet today's achievement is a testament to the greatness of our country and the determination of the American people. The cause of securing our country is not complete, but tonight we are once again reminded that America can do whatever we set our mind to. That is the story of our history. Whether it's the pursuit of prosperity for our people or the struggle for equality for all our citizens, our commitment to stand up for our values abroad, and our sacrifices to make the world a safer place. Let us remember that we can do these things not just because of wealth or power, but because of who we are, one nation under God, indivisible with liberty and justice for all. Thank you. May God bless you. And may God bless the United States of America.



op/ed: Could DONALD TRUMP Be the Next President?
Written by Scott Katz   
Wednesday, 20 April 2011 12:14

Donald-Trump-DSC00691-resizeIn recent months, there have been a lot of reports and speculation as to whether or not New York real estate mogul Donald Trump will make a bid to run for the presidency of the United States in the upcoming 2012 election season.

Mr. Trump has been in the news recently less so because of his political views and ideas on how this country can extricate itself from the quagmire of high unemployment, high government spending, and high deficits and moreso due to his attention-getting statements regarding President Obama.  Chief among these statements has been Mr. Trump's growing insistence that the so-called "birther" issue, which purports that the president was born in Kenya rather than in Hawaii, might have more validity to it than merely being the product of a disenfranchised fringe group.

It is understandable why the various media outlets would gravitate toward these statements in their assessments of Mr. Trump as a viable candidate for public office – it sells.  In New York, Mr. Trump's hometown, the daily tabloids that he reportedly reads regularly – The New York Daily News and The New York Post – have had numerous rather unflattering articles about him in recent weeks.  Mr. Trump – always a risk taker – has put himself out there on the ledge with the birther issue, and the media has wasted no time in ridiculing him for it.

However, as far as the voters are concerned, this might not be the best thing for them.  While it may be fun to join in on the sport of Trump-bashing, the fact is that the country's economy and position in the world is still in trouble, and right now it would serve our needs better as a people if we were to shut out all the gossipy white noise and hear from all the potential political candidates about what they would do to fix this country.  If Mr. Trump is the wrong candidate, let him be declared the wrong candidate based on his positions on the issues that are of paramount importance to the voters at this time rather than be dismissed because the press has been myopically focusing on the controversial birther issue.  The way the media coverage has been weighted, if Mr. Trump should be proven to be incorrect about President Obama's birthplace, it would likely deal a devastating and unrecoverable blow to any presidential aspirations that Mr. Trump may have had.  But what if Mr. Trump is the right candidate?  We would have done ourselves an incredible disservice because we did not listen to his entire political platform so that we could have made an informed decision.

It is still too early to write Mr. Trump off as a candidate.  Indeed, in the interviews he's given, we've only heard the barest of talking points regarding what he feels is wrong with the country and what his solutions are to repair the damage done to our country's economic prowess.  We need to hear more from him.  As American citizens who are facing what is likely the most crucial presidential election of the last twenty years, we deserve to hear more.

In various interviews, Mr. Trump has made many intriguing statements regarding the state of the country, our struggling economy, our too-high unemployment rate, our competitiveness in the global marketplace, the outsourcing of jobs to China, the free military assistance we provide many countries with around the world, and so on.

However, the restrictive format of television, in which everything has to be rushed along to the next commercial break, has given Mr. Trump little opportunity to expound on these issues and fully state his case to the American people.

Politics has always been somewhat of a spectator sport, but at this crucial point in our country's history, we would be best served by setting aside the impulse to create spectacle and instead focus with razor-sharp acuity on the ideas proposed by any potential candidate so that we select the best president for the next four years.  The challenges that this country faces will only intensify if we fail to do so.


SCAM ALERT: Have YOU received this job offer? | Print |
Written by Scott Katz   
Thursday, 17 March 2011 07:40

Online scams have been around since the dawn of the World Wide Web, but if the feedback we have been getting is any indication, such scams have only seemed to proliferate in the last few years due to the worldwide economic downturn.

With millions of people out of work, and with millions more worried that their job security is less than rock solid, anxiety levels seem to be at an all-time high.  This has left people feeling desperate, and in that desperation, they have become more vulnerable to online scammers and predators who promise a job, but are only perpetrating a moneymaking scheme with you as their intended targets.

One of the more popular scams is the phony job offer.  Here's how it works: after responding to what seems like a legitimate job listing, the scammer will contact you by e-mail and tell you that you have been hired or "provisionally hired" for employment for a work-at-home position where you will have to perform certain minor tasks in order to receive your weekly paycheck.  However, before employment can begin, you have to provide the scammer with certain personal information.

Because the information is not anything that a legitimate employer wouldn't ask – at least not at first – you may be tempted to respond even if you are somewhat suspicious.  Our advice: do not respond at all.  These e-mails do not come from valid businesses.  They do not have an office or even a way to meet with the employer face-to-face.  Often, these e-mails will try to get around your suspicions by saying that the employer is out of the country for a few weeks, but you would be able to begin working for him or her right away and that he or she will meet with you upon return.  No legitimate company will conduct business in this manner.  Would you?  Of course not.  These ads prey on the desperate, but one should never let desperation override good common sense.  Answering these ads or following up on a suspicious e-mail could leave you in worse shape than you started – financially, emotionally, and even legally.

This is because while some scams are simple identity theft operations that exist just to clean out your bank account or make fraudulent purchases on your credit card, others may require you to act as a shipper of goods on your employer's behalf.  However, these goods can be stolen property or goods that have been purchased with stolen credit card information.  Since your address is the first point of contact, you could find yourself facing criminal charges or at least caught up in a criminal investigation.

Another popular job scam is one in which you are required to receive checks, deposit them in your bank account, and then forward a portion of the money to your employer while keeping the rest.  However, since you are required to forward the money before the checks clear your account, you will lose the money you forwarded when you discover that the checks you deposited have bounced.

Scammers are growing ever more sophisticated in their sales pitches, and they know that people will have a natural amount of suspicion when interacting with someone online or by phone, but they get around that by drawing you into their scheme slowly.  They do not ask for all of your personal information right off the bat, but over time, they will get whatever information they need in order to operate their schemes.  This is why it is best not to answer any ad or respond to any e-mail that sounds even a little bit suspicious.

It bears emphasizing that no legitimate company will hire you – even for a telecommuting job – without meeting you first.  There are legitimate telecommuting, personal assistant, and startup company positions out there, but the prospective employer will want to meet you and arrange a meeting at a public location during regular business hours if they do not have an office.


Some tips on recognizing job scams:

• Ads that have misspellings of common words

• Ads that have awkward phrasing, broken English, or bad grammar

• E-mail responses, such as the one reprinted below, which give you the job – even "provisionally" – without ever having met you in person

• Requests for personal information beyond what you have already given them on your résumé

• An Internet search that does not turn up a legitimate website for the company

• The most basic rule always applies: if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.


Below, we reprint a common e-mail response that people have gotten after they responded to an ad for an Executive/Administrative/Personal Assistant on Craigslist.  Be aware that these fraudulent ads and responses can appear anywhere on the Internet, in newspapers, or on television.

You will notice that the e-mail contains many of the warning signs outlined above.  The scammer tries to allay any suspicions or concerns that you might have by providing a lot of information about his own company and even includes his "real" name.

A simple Internet search told us that the Dun & Bradstreet number provided below has been used to identify other companies besides "New York Insurance Company" such as "Adorama Inc.," "Adorama Camera Inc," "XLM Group," and "CJDouglas Financial Advisors."  The same Dun & Bradstreet number will not be given to multiple unrelated companies.

The website mentioned in the e-mail below navigates to a generic-looking insurance rate comparison form, while the e-mail address that the response came from leads to a domain that has a simple placeholder website with a message from Google Sites requesting that  the domain administrator begin setting up a home page.  Because the e-mail below is using a real person's name, we have changed its spelling.

We contacted Dun & Bradstreet about New York Insurance Company, and we were told by a representative that in order to get information about a company using a Dun & Bradstreet number, we would have to buy a report about the company for $179 or purchase access to the D&B database.  Further, D&B told us that they do not maintain any listing of companies that have previously been shown to be fraudulent or that have received consumer complaints.

However, there is something you can do.  To file a complaint about a company with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), click here: https://www.ftccomplaintassistant.gov/


Sample scam e-mail with all spelling and grammatical errors left in: 

Hello ,
I got your resume and it has been reviewed, I did appreciate it, So I will give this a GO ! I am happy to inform you that after close consideration with your resume, you have been accepted and given provisional  appointment. Below are our company details and personal data for you review.
Business Name:New York Insurance Company .
Dun and Bradstreet # 08-740-3499
Type of Entity: CORPORATION
Registration ID: 453033
I'm looking for someone that can be trusted and reliable to work very well with good understanding.This position is home-based and flexible, working with me is basically about instructions and following them, my only fear is that I may come at you impromptu sometimes, so I need someone who can be able to meet up with my irregular timings.As my Personal Assistant,your activities amongst other things will include;
*Running personal errands, supervisions and monitoring. Scheduling programmes, flights and keeping me up to date with them. Acting as an alternative telephone correspondence while I'm away. Making regular contacts and drop-offs on my behalf. Handling and monitoring some of my financial activities..
Basic wage is $400 Weekly excluding Gas expenses and compensations.
I'm sure you'll understand I tend to have a very busy schedule at this point,as I am presently in the Greece, I will be back in three Weeks. We will set up a formal interview as soon as i am back in the states.My company is opening a new office in your state which i will be heading and relocating as well and thats one of the reasons i need a personal assistant there
Please note that this position is not office based for now because of my frequent travels and tight schedules, it's a part-time work from home for now and the flexibility means that there will be busier weeks than others. I have been checking my files and i'll need you to run some errands for me this week. I will have some funds sent to you to complete the assignment, i will get you more information on that, I will like you to get back to me with your Contact Details such as:
Personal Information
First Name:
Last Name:
Zip Code:
Residential Phone Number:
The employee,acknowledged the  Detailed Job Description
and signed___________            _____________________
           (First Name and Last Name of Employee)
Kindly respond with requested details .. Once I have received your contact information, I will get back to you with the task for this week.
Thanks in anticipation of your prompt response.
Best regards,
Financial Services,
Jason Maxxxx


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Meet the 112th CONGRESS
Written by US Townhall staff   
Monday, 03 January 2011 10:41

US_Congressional_Seal_svgThe current meeting of the United States federal government, the 112th United States Congress, will be sworn in today, Wednesday January 5, 2011.  This will be the last congress that will be elected based on the congressional districts apportioned by the 2000 Census.  In 2010, the decade's census was taken, and the current United States population stands at 308,745,538. 

Because of the overall population increase and the shift in population between areas of the country, congressional districts will be redrawn when complete redistricting data is delivered to the states in March. 

This census will also affect the number of seats each state receives in the House of Representatives beginning with the 2012 elections.  Further, because the members of the Electoral College of each state are numbered as the total congressional representation of that state – that is, a state's Representatives plus its Senators equals the number of electors it has in the Electoral College – the 2010 census will have an effect on the 2012 presidential election as well with some states gaining and others losing some  influence.

As a result of the 2010 census, 18 states have shown population changes that will affect their seats in the House of Representatives.  Eight states gained seats: Texas gained 4, and Florida gained 2.  The following states each gained one seat in the House: Arizona, Georgia, Nevada, South Carolina, Utah, and Washington.  In the 2008 presidential election, all of these states except for Florida, Nevada, and Washington voted for Republican John McCain.  Note that more often than not in the last 30 years, Florida and Nevada have voted Republican in the presidential elections.

Ten states, including many Democratic strongholds, lost seats in the House of Representatives: New York and Ohio each lost 2 seats, while Illinois, Iowa, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Michigan, Missouri, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania each lost one seat.

Use the charts below to see the full membership of the 112th Congress.  As time progesses, further information will be filled in such as which Senators and Representatives are members of which congressional committees.  Congressional committees form the heart of the United States legislative process, and their memberships directly affect the country's policies and priorities during this two-year Congress.




• Democrats control the Senate

• 51 Democrats, 2 Independents caucusing with the Democrats, 47 Republicans

Order of listing: Senior Senator atop Junior Senator

Richard Shelby

Jeff Sessions



 Mark Begich

Lisa Murkowski


John McCain

Jon Kyl



John Boozman


Dianne Feinstein

Barbara Boxer


Mark Udall

Michael Bennet


Joe Lieberman (Independent caucusing with Democrats)

Richard Blumenthal


Tom Carper

Chris Coons


Bill Nelson


Marco Rubio


Saxby Chambliss

Johnny Isakson


Daniel Inouye

Daniel Akaka


Mike Crapo

Jim Risch

ILLINOIS Dick Durbin


Mark Kirk


Richard Lugar

Dan Coats



Tom Harkin

Chuck Grassley

Pat Roberts

Jerry Moran


Mitch McConnell

Rand Paul

LOUISIANA Mary Landrieu David Vitter

Olympia Snowe

Susan Collins


Barbara Mikulski

Ben Cardin



Scott Brown


Carl Levin

Debbie Stabenow


Amy Klobuchar

Al Franken


Thad Cochran

Roger Wicker

MISSOURI Claire McCaskill


Roy Blunt


Max Baucus

Jon Tester



Mike Johanns

NEVADA Harry Reid


John Ensign

NEW HAMPSHIRE Jeanne Shaheen


Kelly Ayotte


Frank Lautenberg

Robert Menendez


Jeff Bingaman

Tom Udall


Charles Schumer

Kirsten Gillibrand



Kay Hagan

Richard Burr


John Hoeven

OHIO Sherrod Brown


Rob Portman


Jim Inhofe

Tom Coburn


Ron Wyden

Jeff Merkley



Pat Toomey


Jack Reed

Sheldon Whitehouse


Lindsey Graham

Jim DeMint



John Thune


Lamar Alexander

Bob Corker


Kay Bailey Hutchison

John Cornyn


Orrin Hatch

Mike Lee


Patrick Leahy

Bernie Sanders (Independent, caucusing with Democrats)


Jim Webb

Mark Warner


Patty Murray

Maria Cantwell


Jay Rockefeller

Joe Manchin


Herb Kohl


Ron Johnson


Mike Enzi

John Barrasso




• Republicans control the House

• 193 Democrats, 242 Republicans

1 Jo Bonner
2 Martha Roby
3 Mike Rogers
4 Robert Aderholt
5 Mo Brooks
6 Spencer Bachus
7 Terri Sewell
At-large Don Young
1 Paul Gosar
2 Trent Franks
3 Ben Quayle
4 Ed Pastor
5 David Schwelkert
6 Jeff Flake
7 Raúl Grijalva
8 Gabrielle Giffords
1 Rick Crawford
2 Tim Griffin
3 Steve Womack
4 Mike Ross
1 Mike Thompson
2 Wally Herger
3 Dan Lungren
4 Tom McClintock
5 Doris Matsui
6 Lynn Woolsey
7 George Miller
8 Nancy Pelosi
9 Barbara Lee
10 John Garamendi
11 Jerry McNerney
12 Jackie Speier
13 Pete Stark
14 Anna Eshoo
15 Mike Honda
16 Zoe Lofgren
17 Sam Farr
18 Dennis Cardoza
19 Jeff Denham
20 Jim Costa
21 Devin Nunes
22 Kevin McCarthy
23 Lois Capps
24 Elton Gallegly
25 Buck McKeon
26 David Dreier
27 Brad Sherman
28 Howard Berman
29 Adam Schiff
30 Henry Waxman
31 Xavier Becerra
32 Judy Chu
33 Karen Bass
34 Lucille Roybal-Allard
35 Maxine Waters
36 Jane Harman
37 Laura Richardson
38 Grace Napolitano
39 Linda Sanchez
40 Ed Royce
41 Jerry Lewis
42 Garry Miller
43 Joe Baca
44 Ken Calvert
45 Mary Bono Mack
46 Dana Rohrabacher
47 Loretta Sanchez
48 John Campbell
49 Darrell Issa
50 Brian Bilbray
51 Bob Filner
52 Duncan D. Hunter
53 Susan Davis
1 Diana DeGette
2 Jared Polis
3 Scott Tipton
4 Cory Gardner
5 Doug Lamborn
6 Mike Coffman
7 Ed Perlmutter
1 John Larson
2 Joe Courtney
3 Rosa DeLauro
4 Jim Himes
5 Chris Murphy
At-large John Carney
1 Jeff Miller
2 Steve Southerland
3 Corrine Brown
4 Ander Crenshaw
5 Richard Nugent
6 Cliff Stearns
7 John Mica
8 Daniel Webster
9 Gus Bilirakis
10 Bill Young
11 Kathy Castor
12 Dennis Ross
13 Vern Buchanan
14 Connie Mack
15 Bill Posey
16 Tom Rooney
17 Frederica Wilson
18 Ileana Ros-Lehtinen
19 Ted Deutch
20 Debbie Wasserman Shultz
21 Mario Diaz-Balart
22 Allen West
23 Alcee Hastings
24 Sandra Adams
25 David Rivera
1 Jack Kingston
2 Sanford Bishop
3 Lynn Westmoreland
4 Hank Johnson
5 John Lewis
6 Tom Price
7 Rob Woodall
8 Austin Scott
9 Tom Graves
10 Paul Broun
11 Phil Gingrey
12 John Barrow
13 David Scott
1 Colleen Hanabusa
2 Mazie Hirono
1 Raul Labrador
2 Mike Simpson
1 Bobby Rush
2 Jesse Jackson, Jr.
3 Dan Lipinski
4 Luis Gutierrez
5 Mike Quigley
6 Peter Roskam
7 Danny Davis
8 Joe Walsh
9 Jan Schakowsky
10 Robert Dold
11 Adam Kinzinger
12 Jerry Costello
13 Judy Biggert
14 Randy Hultgren
15 Tim Johnson
16 Donald Manzullo
17 Bobby Schilling
18 Aaron Schock
19 John Shimkus
1 Pete Visclosky
2 Joe Donnelly
3 Marlin Stutzman
4 Todd Rokita
5 Dan Burton
6 Mike Pence
7 André Carson
8 Larry Bucshon
9 Todd Young
1 Bruce Braley
2 David Loebsack
3 Leonard Boswell
4 Tom Latham
5 Steve King
1 Tim Huelskamp
2 Lynn Jenkins
3 Kevin Yoder
4 Mike Pompeo
1 Ed Whitfield
2 Brett Guthrie
3 John Yarmuth
4 Geoff Davis
5 Hal Rogers
6 Ben Chandler
1 Steve Scalise
2 Cedric Richmond
3 Jeff Landry
4 John Fleming
5 Rodney Alexander
6 Bill Cassidy
7 Charles Boustany
1 Chellie Pingree
2 Mike Michaud
1 Andy Harris
2 Dutch Ruppersberger
3 John Sarbanes
4 Donna Edwards
5 Steny Hoyer
6 Roscoe Bartlett
7 Elijah Cummings
8 Chris Van Hollen
1 John Olver
2 Richard Neal
3 Jim McGovern
4 Barney Frank
5 Niki Tsongas
6 John Tierney
7 Ed Markey
8 Mike Capuano
9 Stephen Lynch
10 William Keating
1 Dan Benishek
2 Bill Huizenga
3 Justin Amash
4 Dave Camp
5 Dale Kildee
6 Fred Upton
7 Tim Walberg
8 Mike Rogers
9 Gary Peters
10 Candice Miller
11 Thad McCotter
12 Sander Levin
13 Hansen Clarke
14 John Conyers
15 John Dingell
1 Tim Walz
2 John Kline
3 Erik Paulsen
4 Betty McCollum
5 Keith Ellison
6 Michele Bachmann
7 Colin Peterson
8 Chip Cravaack
1 Alan Nunnelee
2 Bernie Thompson
3 Gregg Harper
4 Steven Palazzo
1 William Lacy Clay
2 Todd Akin
3 Russ Carnahan
4 Vicky Hartzler
5 Emanuel Cleaver
6 Sam Graves
7 Billy Long
8 Jo Ann Emerson
9 Blaine Luetkemeyer
At-large Denny Rehberg
1 Jeff Fortenberry
2 Lee Terry
3 Adrian Smith
1 Shelly Berkley
2 Dean Heller
3 Joe Heck
1 Frank Guinta
2 Charlie Bass
1 Rob Andrews
2 Frank LoBiondo
3 Jon Runyan
4 Chris Smith
5 Scott Garrett
6 Frank Pallone
7 Leonard Lance
8 Bill Pascrell
9 Steve Rothman
10 Donald Payne
11 Rodney Frelinghuysen
12 Rush Holt
13 Albio Sires
1 Martin Heinrich
2 Steve Pearce
3 Ben Lujan
1 Randy Altschuler
2 Steve Israel
3 Peter King
4 Carolyn McCarthy
5 Gary Ackerman
6 Gregory Meeks
7 Joseph Crowley
8 Jerrold Nadler
9 Anthony Weiner
10 Edolphus Towns
11 Yvette Clarke
12 Nydia Velazquez
13 Michael Grimm
14 Carolyn Maloney
15 Charles Rangel
16 Jose E. Serrano
17 Eliot Engel
18 Nita Lowey
19 Nan Hayworth
20 Chris Gibson
21 Paul Tonko
22 Maurice Hinchey
23 Bill Owens
24 Richard Hanna
25 Ann Buerkle
26 Christopher Lee
27 Brian Higgins
28 Louise Slaughter
29 Thomas Reed
1 G.K. Butterfield
2 Renee Ellmers
3 Walter Jones
4 David Price
5 Virginia Foxx
6 Howard Coble
7 Mike McIntyre
8 Larry Kissell
9 Sue Myrick
10 Patrick McHenry
11 Heath Shuler
12 Mel Watt
13 Brad Miller
At-large Rick Berg
1 Steve Chabot
2 Jean Schmidt
3 Mike Turner
4 Jim Jordan
5 Bob Latta
6 Bill Johnson
7 Steve Austria
8 John Boehner
9 Marcy Kaptur
10 Dennis Kucinch
11 Marcia Fudge
12 Pat Tiberi
13 Betty Sutton
14 Steve LaTourette
15 Steve Stivers
16 Jim Renacci
17 Timothy Ryan
18 Bob Gibbs
1 John Sullivan
2 Dan Boren
3 Frank Lucas
4 Tom Cole
5 James Lankford
1 David Wu
2 Greg Walden
3 Earl Blumenauer
4 Peter DeFazio
5 Kurt Schrader
1 Robert Brady
2 Chaka Fattah
3 Mike Kelly
4 Jason Altmire
5 Glenn Thompson
6 Jim Gerlach
7 Patrick Meehan
8 Mike Fitzpatrick
9 Bill Shuster
10 Thomas Marino
11 Lou Barletta
12 Mark Critz
13 Allyson Schwartz
14 Mike Doyle
15 Charles Dent
16 Joseph Pitts
17 Tim Holden
18 Tim Murphy
19 Todd Platts
1 David Cicilline
2 Jim Langevin
1 Tim Scott
2 Joe Wilson
3 Jeff Duncan
4 Trey Gowdy
5 Mick Mulvaney
6 Jim Clyburn
At-large Kristi Noem
1 Phil Roe
2 John Duncan
3 Charles Fleischmann
4 Scott DesJarlais
5 Jim Cooper
6 Diane Black
7 Marsha Blackburn
8 Stephen Fincher
9 Steve Cohen
1 Louie Gohmert
2 Ted Poe
3 Sam Johnson
4 Ralph Hall
5 Jeb Hensarling
6 Joe Barton
7 John Culberson
8 Kevin Brady
9 Al Green
10 Michael McCaul
11 Mike Conaway
12 Kay Granger
13 Mac Thornberry
14 Ron Paul
15 Ruben Hinojosa
16 Silvestre Reyes
17 Bill Flores
18 Sheila Jackson Lee
19 Randy Neugebauer
20 Charlie Gonzalez
21 Lamar Smith
22 Pete Olson
23 Quico Canseco
24 Kenny Marchant
25 Lloyd Doggett
26 Michael Burgess
27 Blake Farenthold
28 Henry Cuellar
29 Gene Green
30 Eddie Bernice Johnson
31 John Carter
32 Pete Sessions
1 Rob Bishop
2 Jim Matheson
3 Jason Chaffetz


At-large Peter Welch
1 Robert Wittman
2 Scott Rigell
3 Bobby Scott
4 Randy Forbes
5 Robert Hurt
6 Bob Goodlatte
7 Eric Cantor
8 Jim Moran
9 Morgan Griffith
10 Frank Wolf
11 Gerry Connolly
1 Jay Inslee
2 Rick Larsen
3 Jaime Herrera
4 Doc Hastings
5 Cathy McMorris-Rodgers
6 Norm Dicks
7 Jim McDermott
8 Dave Reichert
9 Adam Smith
1 David McKinley
2 Shelly Moore Capito
3 Nick Rahall
1 Paul Ryan
2 Tammy Baldwin
3 Ron Kind
4 Gwen Moore
5 Jim Sensenbrenner
6 Tom Petri
7 Sean Duffy
8 Reid Ribble
At-large Cynthia Lummis





President of the Senate: Joe Biden (D), the Vice President of the United States

President pro tempore of the Senate: Daniel Inouye (D), the most senior Senator of the majority party

Leader Harry Reid of Nevada Mitch McConnell of Kentucky
Assistant Leader (aka Whip) Dick Durbin of Illinois John Kyl of Arizona
Conference Chairman Harry Reid of Nevada Lamar Alexander of Tennessee
Conference Vice Chairman Charles Schumer of New York John Barrasso of Wyoming
Policy Committee Chairman Charles Schumer of New York John Thune of South Dakota
Policy Committee Vice Chairman Debbie Stabenow of Michigan
Senatorial Campaign Committee Chairman Patty Murray of Washington
Conference Secretary Patty Murray of Washington
Steering and Outreach Committee Chair Mark Begich of Alaska
National Senatorial Committee Chair John Cornyn





• Other Majority Members



• Other Minority Members


Domestic and Foreign Marketing, Inspection, and Plant and Animal Health
Energy, Science and Technology
Hunger, Nutrition and Family Farms
Production, Income Protection and Price Support
Rural Revitalization, Conservation, Forestry and Credit
Agriculture, Rural Development, Food and Drug Administration, and Related Agencies
Commerce, Justice, Science, and Related Agencies
Energy and Water Development
Financial Services and General Government
Homeland Security
Interior, Environment, and Related Agencies
Labor, Health and Human Services, Education, and Related Agencies
Legislative Branch
Military Construction, Veterans Affairs, and Related Agencies
State, Foreign Operations, and Related Programs
Transportation, Housing and Urban Development, and Related Agencies
Emerging Threats and Capabilities
Readiness and Management Support
Strategic Forces
Economic Policy
Financial Institutions
Housing, Transportation, and Community Development
Securities, Insurance, and Investment
Security and International Trade and Finance



Aviation Operations, Safety, and Security
Communications and Technology
Competitiveness, Innovation, and Export Promotion
Consumer Protection, Product Safety, and Insurance
Oceans, Atmosphere, Fisheries, and Coast Guard
Science and Space
Surface Transportation and Merchant Marine Infrastructure, Safety, and Security
National Parks
Public Lands and Forests
Water and Power
Children's Health
Clean Air and Nuclear Safety
Green Jobs and the New Economy
Superfund, Toxics and Environmental Health
Transportation and Infrastructure
Water and Wildlife
Energy, Natural Resources, and Infrastructure
Health Care
International Trade and Global Competitiveness
Social Security, Pensions, and Family Policy
Taxation, IRS Oversight, and Long-Term Growth
African Affairs
East Asian and Pacific Affairs
European Affairs
International Development and Foreign Assistance, Economic Affairs, and International Environmental Protection
International Operations and Organizations, Human Rights, Democracy and Global Women's Issues
Near Eastern and South and Central Asian Affairs
Western Hemisphere, Peace Corps and Narcotics Affairs
Children and Families
Employment and Workplace Safety
Retirement and Aging
Contracting Oversight (Ad Hoc)
Disaster Recovery (Ad Hoc)
Federal Financial Management, Government Information and International Security
Oversight of Government Management, the Federal Workforce and the District of Columbia
Investigations (Permanent)
State, Local, and Private Sector Preparedness and Integration (Ad Hoc)
Administrative Oversight and the Courts
Antitrust, Competition Policy and Consumer Rights
The Constitution
Crime and Drugs
Human Rights and the Law
Immigration, Refugees, and Border Security
Terrorism and Homeland Security


Indian Affairs
Select Committee on Ethics
Select Committee on Intelligence
Special Committee on Aging
Caucus on International Narcotics Control





Speaker John Boehner of Ohio
Leader Eric Cantor of Virginia Nancy Pelosi of California
Assistant Leader Jim Clyburn of South Carolina
Whip Kevin McCarthy of California Steny Hoyer of Maryland
Chief Deputy Whip Peter Roskam of Illinois

Senior: John Lewis of Georgia

Others: Maxine Waters (CA),

Jim Matheson (UT),

Ed Pastor (AZ),

Jan Schakowsky (IL),

Joseph Crowley (NY),

Diana DeGette (CO),

G.K. Butterfield (NC),

Debbie Wasserman Schultz (FL)

Conference Chair Jeb Hensarling of Texas John B. Larson of Connecticut
Conference Vice-Chair Cathy McMorris-Rodgers of Washington Xavier Becerra of California
Campaign Committee Chairman Pete Sessions of Texas Steve Israel of New York
Policy Committee Chairman Tom Price of Georgia
Conference Secretary John Carter of Texas






• Other Majority Members



• Other Minority Members



FRANK LUCAS of Oklahoma

• Bob Goodlatte, Virginia, Vice Chairman
• Timothy V. Johnson, Illinois
• Steve King, Iowa
• Randy Neugebauer, Texas
• Mike Conaway, Texas
• Jeff Fortenberry, Nebraska
• Jean Schmidt, Ohio
• Glenn "G.T." Thompson, Pennsylvania
• Tom Rooney, Florida
• Marlin Stutzman, Indiana
• Bob Gibbs, Ohio
• Austin Scott, Georgia
• Stephen Fincher, Tennessee
• Scott Tipton, Colorado
• Steve Southerland, Florida
• Rick Crawford, Arkansas
• Martha Roby, Alabama
• Tim Huelskamp, Kansas
• Scott DesJarlais, Tennessee
• Renee Ellmers, North Carolina
• Chris Gibson, New York
• Randy Hultgren, Illinois
• Vicky Hartzler, Missouri
• Bobby Schilling, Illinois
• Reid Ribble, Wisconsin


• Tim Holden, Pennsylvania,
• Mike McIntyre, North Carolina
• Leonard Boswell, Iowa
• Joe Baca, California
• Dennis Cardoza, California
• David Scott, Georgia
• Henry Cuellar, Texas
• Jim Costa, California
• Tim Walz, Minnesota
• Kurt Schrader, Oregon
• Larry Kissell, North Carolina
• Bill Owens, New York
• Chellie Pingree, Maine
• Joe Courtney, Connecticut
• Peter Welch, Vermont
• Marcia Fudge, Ohio
• Gregorio Sablan, Mariana Islands
• Terri Sewell, Alabama
• Jim McGovern, Massachusetts

Conservation, Energy, and Forestry

GLENN "G.T." THOMPSON of Pennsylvania

Bob Goodlatte, Virginia
• Marlin Stutzman, Indiana
• Bob Gibbs, Ohio
• Stephen Fincher, Tennessee
• Scott Tipton, Colorado
• Steve Southerland, Florida
• Martha Roby, Alabama
• Tim Huelskamp, Kansas
• Randy Hultgren, Illinois
• Reid Ribble, Wisconsin

TIM HOLDEN of Pennsylvania

• Kurt Schrader, Oregon
• Bill Owens, New York
• Mike McIntyre, North Carolina
• Jim Costa, California
• Tim Walz, Minnesota
• Chellie Pingree, Maine
• Marcia Fudge, Ohio
• Gregorio Sablan, Northern Mariana Islands

Department Operations, Oversight, and Credit


• Timothy V. Johnson, Illinois
• Steve King, Iowa
• Rick Crawford, Arkansas
• Stephen Fincher, Tennessee


• Jim McGovern, Massachusetts
• Joe Baca, California

General Farm Commodities and Risk Management


• Steve King, Iowa
• Randy Neugebauer, Texas
• Jean Schmidt, Ohio
• Bob Gibbs, Ohio
• Austin Scott, Georiga
• Rick Crawford, Arkansas
• Martha Roby, Alabama
• Tim Huelskamp, Kansas
• Renee Ellmers, North Carolina
• Chris Gibson, New York
• Randy Hultgren, Illinois
• Vicky Hartzler, Missouri
• Bobby Schilling, Illinois


• Mike McIntyre, North Carolina
• Tim Walz, Minnesota
• Jim McGovern, Massachusetts
• Dennis Cardoza, California
• David Scott, Georgia
• Joe Courtney, Connecticut
• Peter Welch, Vermont
• Terri Sewell, Alabama

Nutrition and Horticulture


• Steve King, Iowa
• Tom Rooney, Florida
• Steve Southerland, Florida
• Rick Crawford, Arkansas

JOE BACA of California

• Chellie Pingree, Maine
• Gregorio Sablan, Northern Mariana Islands

Livestock, Dairy, and Poultry

TOM ROONEY of Florida

• Bob Goodlatte, Virginia
• Steve King, Iowa
• Randy Neugebauer, Texas
• Mike Conaway, Texas
• Stephen Fincher, Tennessee
• Tim Huelskamp, Kansas
• Scott DesJarlais, Tennessee
• Chris Gibson, New York
• Reid Ribble, Wisconsin

DENNIS CARDOZA of California

• David Scott, Georgia
• Joe Courtney, Connecticut
• Tim Holden, Pennsylvania
• Leonard Boswell, Iowa
• Joe Baca, California
• Kurt Schrader, Oregon
• Bill Owens, New York

Rural Development, Research, Biotechnology, and Foreign Agriculture


• Glenn "G.T." Thompson, Pennsylvania
• Marlin Stutzman, Indiana
• Austin Scott, Georgia
• Randy Hultgren, Illinois
• Vicky Hartzler, Missouri
• Bobby Schilling, Illinois

JIM COSTA of California

• Henry Cuellar, Texas
• Peter Welch, Vermont
• Terri Sewell, Alabama
• Larry Kissell, North Carolina


HAL ROGERS of Kentucky

• C.W. Bill Young, Florida
• Jerry Lewis, California
• Frank Wolf, Virginia
• Jack Kingston, Georgia
• Rodney Frelinghuysen, New Jersey
• Tom Latham, Iowa
• Robert Aderholt, Alabama
• Jo Ann Emerson, Missouri
• Kay Granger, Texas
• Mike Simpson, Idaho
• John Culberson, Texas
• Ander Crenshaw, Florida
• Denny Rehberg, Montana
• John Carter, Texas
• Rodney Alexander, Louisiana
• Ken Calvert, California
• Jo Bonner, Alabama
• Steve LaTourette, Ohio
• Tom Cole, Oklahoma
• Jeff Flake, Arizona
• Mario Diaz-Balart, Florida
• Charlie Dent, Pennsylvania
• Steve Austria, Ohio
• Cynthia Lummis, Wyoming
• Tom Graves, Georgia
• Kevin Yoder, Kansas
• Steve Womack, Arkansas
• Alan Nunnelee, Mississippi

NORMAN D. DICKS of Washington

• Marcy Kaptur, Ohio
• Pete Visclosky, Indiana
• Nita Lowey, New York
• José Serrano, New York
• Rosa DeLauro, Connecticut
• Jim Moran, Virginia
• John Olver, Massachusetts
• Ed Pastor, Arizona
• David Price, North Carolina
• Maurice Hinchey, New York
• Lucille Roybal-Allard, California
• Sam Farr, California
• Jesse Jackson, Jr., Illinois
• Chaka Fattah, Pennsylvania
• Steve Rothman, New Jersey
• Sanford Bishop, Georgia
• Barbara Lee, California
• Adam Schiff, California
• Mike Honda, California
• Betty McCollum, Minnesota

Agriculture, Rural Development, Food and Drug Administration, and Related Agencies


• Cynthia Lummis, Wyoming, Vice Chair
• Tom Latham, Iowa
• Jo Ann Emerson, Missouri
• Robert Aderholt, Alabama
• Alan Nunnelee, Mississippi
• Tom Graves, Georgia

SAM FARR of California

Rosa DeLauro, Connecticut
Sanford Bishop, Georgia
Marcy Kaptur, Ohio

Commerce, Justice, Science, and Related Agencies

FRANK WOLF of Virginia

• Jo Bonner, Alabama, Vice Chair
• John Culberson, Texas
• Robert Aderholt, Alabama
• Steve Austria, Ohio
• Tom Graves, Georgia
• Kevin Yoder, Kansas

CHAKA FATTAH of Pennsylvania

• Adam Schiff, California
• Mike Honda, California
• José Serrano, New York


BILL YOUNG of Florida

• Jerry Lewis, California, Vice Chair
• Rodney Frelinghuysen, New Jersey
• Jack Kingston, Georgia
• Kay Granger, Texas
• Ander Crenshaw, Florida
• Ken Calvert, California
• Jo Bonner, Alabama
• Tom Cole, Oklahoma

NORMAN D. DICKS of Washington

• Pete Visclosky, Indiana
• Jim Moran, Virginia
• Marcy Kaptur, Ohio
• Steve Rothman, New Jersey
• Maurice Hinchey, New York

Energy and Water Development


• Steve Womack, Arkansas, Vice Chair
• Jerry Lewis, California
• Mike Simpson, Idaho
• Dennis Rehberg, Montana
• Rodney Alexander, Louisiana
• Alan Nunnelee, Mississippi


• Ed Pastor, Arizona
• Chaka Fattah, Pennsylvania
• John Olver, Massachusetts

Financial Services and General Government

JO ANN EMERSON of Missouri

• Mario Diaz-Balart, Florida, Vice Chair
• Rodney Alexander, Louisiana
• Jo Bonner, Alabama
• Tom Graves, Georgia
• Kevin Yoder, Kansas
• Steve Womack, Arkansas


• Barbara Lee, California
• Pete Visclosky, Indiana
• Ed Pastor, Arizona

Homeland Security


• John Culberson, Texas, Vice Chair
• John Carter, Texas
• Rodney Frelinghuysen, New Jersey
• Tom Latham, Iowa
• Ander Crenshaw, Florida
• Charles Dent, Pennsylvania

DAVID PRICE of North Carolina

• Lucille Roybal-Allard, California
• Nita Lowey, New York
• John Olver, Massachusetts

Interior, Environment, and Related Agencies


• Ken Calvert, California, Vice Chair
• Jerry Lewis, California
• Steven LaTourette, Ohio
• Tom Cole, Oklahoma
• Jeff Flake, Arizona
• Cynthia Lummis, Wyoming

JIM MORAN of Virginia

• Betty McCollum, Minnesota
• Maurice Hinchey, New York
• José Serrano, New York

Labor, Health and Human Services, Education, and Related Agencies


• Rodney Alexander, Louisiana, Vice Chair
• Jerry Lewis, California
• Jack Kingston, Georgia
• Kay Granger, Texas
• Mike Simpson, Idaho
• Jeff Flake, Arizona
• Cynthia Lummis, Wyoming

ROSA DELAURO of Connecticut

• Nita Lowey, New York
• Jesse Jackson, Jr., Illinois
• Lucille Roybal-Allard, California
• Barbara Lee, California

Legislative Branch


• Jo Ann Emerson, Missouri, Vice Chair
• Steven LaTourette, Ohio
• Dennis Rehberg, Montana
• Ken Calvert, California

MIKE HONDA of California

• David Price, North Carolina
• Sanford Bishop, Georgia

Military Construction, Veterans Affairs, and Related Agencies


• John R. Carter, Texas, Vice Chair
• C. W. Bill Young, Florida
• Jeff Flake, Arizona
• Steve Austria, Ohio
• Kevin Yoder, Kansas
• Alan Nunnelee, Mississippi


• Sam Farr, California
• Betty McCollum, Minnesota
• Jim Moran, Virginia

State, Foreign Operations, and Related Programs


• Tom Cole, Oklahoma, Vice Chair
• Jerry Lewis, California
• Frank Wolf, Virginia
• Mario Diaz-Balart, Florida
• Charles Dent, Pennsylvania
• Steve Austria, Ohio

NITA LOWEY of New York

• Jesse Jackson, Jr., Illinois
• Adam Schiff, California
• Steve Rothman, New Jersey

Transportation, Housing and Urban Development, and Related Agencies


• Steve LaTourette, Ohio, Vice Chair
• Frank Wolf, Virginia
• John Carter, Texas
• Mario Diaz-Balart, Florida
• Charles Dent, Pennsylvania
• Steve Womack, Arkansas

JOHN OLVER of Massachusetts

• Ed Pastor, Arizona
• Marcy Kaptur, Ohio
• David Price, North Carolina

Seapower and Expeditionary Forces
Air and Land Forces
Oversight and Investigations
Military Personnel
Terrorism and Unconventional Threats
Strategic Forces

• Scott Garrett, New Jersey
• Mike Simpson, Idaho
•John Campbell, California
• Ken Calvert, California
• Todd Akin, Missouri
• Tom Cole, Oklahoma
• Tom Price, Georgia
• Tom McClintock, California
• Jason Chaffetz, Utah
• Marlin Stutzman, Indiana
• James Lankford, Oklahoma
• Diane Black, Tennessee
• Reid Ribble, Wisconsin
• Bill Flores, Texas
• Mick Mulvaney, South Carolina
• Tim Huelskamp, Kansas
• Todd Young, Indiana
• Justin Amash, Michigan
• Todd Rokita, Indiana
• Frank Guinta, New Hampshire


• Allyson Schwartz, Pennsylvania
• Marcy Kaptur, Ohio
• Lloyd Doggett, Texas
• Earl Blumenauer, Oregon
• Betty McCollum, Minnesota
• John Yarmuth, Kentucky
• Bill Pascrell, New Jersey
• Mike Honda, California
• Tim Ryan, Ohio
• Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Florida
• Gwen Moore, Wisconsin
• Kathy Castor, Florida
• Heath Shuler, North Carolina
• Paul Tonko, New York
• Karen Bass, California

Early Childhood, Elementary and Secondary Education
Healthy Families and Communities
Health, Employment, Labor, and Pensions
Higher Education, Lifelong Learning, and Competitiveness
Workforce Protections
Energy and Environment
Commerce, Trade and Consumer Protection
Communications, Technology and the Internet
Oversight and Investigations
Domestic Monetary Policy and Technology
Oversight and Investigations
International Monetary Policy and Trade
Housing and Community Opportunity
Financial Institutions and Consumer Credit
Capital Markets, Insurance, and Government-Sponsored Enterprises
Africa and Global Health
Asia, the Pacific, and the Global Environment
International Organizations, Human Rights, and Oversight
Middle East and South Asia
Terrorism, Nonproliferation, and Trade
Western Hemisphere
Border, Maritime and Global Counterterrorism
Emergency Communications, Preparedness, and Response
Emerging Threats, Cybersecurity, and Science and Technology
Intelligence, Information Sharing, and Terrorism Risk Assessment
Management, Investigations, and Oversight
Transportation Security and Infrastructure Protection
Capitol Security
Commercial and Administrative Law
Constitution, Civil Rights, and Civil Liberties
Courts, the Internet, and Intellectual Property
Crime, Terrorism, and Homeland Security
Immigration, Citizenship, Refugees, Border Security, and International Law
Energy and Mineral Resources
Insular Affairs, Oceans and Wildlife
National Parks, Forests and Public Lands
Water and Power
Domestic Policy
Federal Workforce, Post Office, and District of Columbia
Government Management, Organization, and Procurement
Information Policy, Census, and National Archives
National Security and Foreign Affairs
Legislative and Budget Process
Rules and the Organization of the House
Space and Aeronautics
Technology and Innovation
Research and Science Education
Investigations and Oversight
Energy and Environment
Finance and Tax
Contracting and Technology
Rural and Urban Entrepreneurship
Regulations, Healthcare and Trade
Investigations and Oversight
Coast Guard and Maritime Transportation
Economic Development, Public Buildings and Emergency Management
Highways and Transit
Railroads, Pipelines, and Hazardous Materials
Water Resources and Environment
Disability Assistance and Memorial Affairs
Economic Opportunity
Oversight and Investigations
Social Security
Income Security and Family Support
Select Revenue Measures


Terrorism/HUMINT, Analysis and Counterintelligence
Technical and Tactical Intelligence
Intelligence Community Management
Oversight and Investigations



ELECTION RESULTS: November 2, 2010
Written by US Townhall staff   
Tuesday, 02 November 2010 20:43

United_States_Capitol_-_west_front_resizeThe voices of the American people were heard on Tuesday, November 2, and while Republicans did not obliterate every last Democrat off the political landscape, they made significant gains all the way around.  Come January when the 112th United States Congress convenes, the Republicans will be back in control of the House of Representatives, and they picked up 6 seats in the Senate although the Democrats still hold a majority – but when the new Senators are sworn in, that majority will be a lot less pronounced than it had been.  Although the party in power typically loses seats in the midterm elections, the 60-plus House seats that the GOP picked up represents the largest party turnover in over 70 years.  It was all the more notable in that the Republicans were able to gain seats in the Senate without giving up any of their existing seats, and only gave up 3 seats in the House.

In the gubernatorial races, no less than eleven states voted out their Democratic governor in favor of a Republican replacement.  Four states, California, Connecticut, Vermont, and Hawaii, elected a Democrat to replace an incumbent Republican.  Rhode Island's governor's seat shifted from a Republican to an Independent.  Check the tables below for all the details.


2010 Election Summary


Seats being contested:

Senate: 37 out of 100

House: 435 out of 435

Governor: 37 out of 50



111th US Congress

(Jan 3, 2009 to Jan 3, 2011)


112th US Congress

(Jan 3, 2011 to Jan 3, 2013)


111th US Congress

(Jan 3, 2009 to Jan 3, 2011)


112th US Congress

(Jan 3, 2011 to Jan 3, 2013)


DEMOCRAT 57 51      255 193
REPUBLICAN 41 47 178 242


US SENATE: 2010 Election Results



• 37 out of 100 seats are being contested

• Senators are elected to 6 year terms

• Senators are divided into three classes so that one full class (i.e. one-third of the Senate) is up for re-election every two years: In this election, the 34 Class III Senators are all up for re-election, and there are 3 special elections for Class I or II Senate seats for Delaware, New York, and West Virginia.

• The "class" a particular senator falls into is simply a matter of when his or her current term expires: Class I senators end in 2013; Class II senators end in  2015; Class III senators end in 2011 and, therefore, are up for re-election now (i.e. November 2010).

Key: Winning candidate shaded in yellow, Incumbent denoted by "♦," changes to Republicans shaded in red, changes to Democrats shaded in blue.
ALABAMA William Barnes Richard Shelby ♦ No
ALASKA Scott McAdams

Joe Miller

Lisa Murkowski ♦ (write in)

ARIZONA Rodney Glassman John McCain ♦ No
ARKANSAS Blanche Lincoln ♦ John Boozman Yes
CALIFORNIA Barbara Boxer ♦ Carly Fiorina No
COLORADO Michael Bennet ♦ Ken Buck No
CONNECTICUT Richard Blumenthal Linda McMahon No
DELAWARE Chris Coons Christine O'Donnell No

Kendrick Meek

Charlie Crist (ind.)

Marco Rubio No
GEORGIA Mike Thurmond Johnny Isakson ♦ No
HAWAII Daniel Inouye ♦ Campbell Cavasso No
IDAHO Tom Sullivan Mike Crapo ♦ No
ILLINOIS Alexi Giannoulias Mark Kirk Yes
INDIANA Brad Ellsworth Dan Coats Yes
IOWA Roxanne Conlin Chuck Grassley ♦ No
KANSAS Lisa Johnston Jerry Moran No
KENTUCKY Jack Conway Rand Paul No
LOUISIANA Charlie Melancon David Vitter ♦ No
MARYLAND Barbara Mikulski ♦ Eric Wargotz No
MISSOURI Robin Carnahan Roy Blunt No
NEVADA Harry Reid ♦ Sharron Angle No
NEW HAMPSHIRE Paul Hodes Kelly Ayotte No
NEW YORK Charles Schumer ♦ Jay Townsend No
NEW YORK Kirsten Gillibrand ♦ Joe DioGuardi No
NORTH CAROLINA Elaine Marshall Richard Burr ♦ No
NORTH DAKOTA Tracy Potter John Hoeven Yes
OHIO Lee Fisher Rob Portman No
OKLAHOMA Jim Rogers Tom Coburn ♦ No
OREGON Ron Wyden ♦ Jim Huffman No
PENNSYLVANIA Joe Sestak Pat Toomey Yes
SOUTH CAROLINA Alvin Greene Jim DeMint ♦ No
SOUTH DAKOTA uncontested race John Thune ♦ No
UTAH Sam Granato Mike Lee No
VERMONT Patrick Leahy ♦ Len Britton No
WASHINGTON Patty Murray ♦ Dino Rossi No
WEST VIRGINIA Joe Manchin John Raese No
WISCONSIN Russ Feingold ♦ Ron Johnson Yes





• 435 out of 435 seats are being contested

• Representatives ("Congressmen/Congresswomen") are elected to 2 year terms with the entire House up for re-election every two years.

Key: Winning candidate shaded in yellow, Incumbent denoted by "♦," changes to Republicans shaded in red, changes to Democrats shaded in blue.
1 n/a (opponent was David Walter, Constitution Party) Jo Bonner ♦ No
2 Bobby Bright ♦ Martha Roby Yes
3 Steve Segrest Mike Rogers ♦ No
4 n/a (ran unopposed) Robert Aderholt ♦ No
5 Steve Raby Mo Brooks No
6 n/a (ran unopposed) Spencer Bachus ♦ No
7 Terri Sewell Don Chamberlain No
At-large Harry Crawford Don Young ♦ No
1 Ann Kirkpatrick ♦ Paul Gosar Yes
2 John Thrasher Trent Franks ♦ No
3 Jon Hulbard Ben Quayle No
4 Ed Pastor ♦ Janet Contreras No
5 Harry Mitchell ♦ David Schwelkert Yes
6 Rebecca Schneider Jeff Flake ♦ No
7 Raúl Grijalva ♦ Ruth McClung No
8 Gabrielle Giffords ♦ Jesse Kelly No
1 Chad Causey Rick Crawford Yes
2 Joyce Elliot Tim Griffin Yes
3 David Whitaker Steve Womack No
4 Mike Ross ♦ Beth A. Rankin No
1 Mike Thompson ♦ Loren Hanks No
2 Jim Reed Wally Herger ♦ No
3 Ami Bera Dan Lungren ♦ No
4 Clint Curtis Tom McClintock ♦ No
5 Doris Matsui ♦ Paul Smith No
6 Lynn Woolsey ♦ Jim Judd No
7 George Miller ♦ Rick Tubbs No
8 Nancy Pelosi ♦ John Dennis No
9 Barbara Lee ♦ Gerald Hashimoto No
10 John Garamendi ♦ Gary Clift No
11 Jerry McNerney ♦ David Harmer No
12 Jackie Speier ♦ Mike Moloney No
13 Pete Stark ♦ Forest Baker No
14 Anna Eshoo ♦ Dave Chapman No
15 Mike Honda ♦ Scott Kirkland No
16 Zoe Lofgren ♦ Daniel Sahagun No
17 Sam Farr ♦ Jeff Taylor No
18 Dennis Cardoza ♦ Michael Berryhill No
19 Loraine Goodwin Jeff Denham No
20 Jim Costa ♦ Andy Vidak No
21 n/a (ran unopposed) Devin Nunes ♦ No
22 n/a (ran unopposed) Kevin McCarthy ♦ No
23 Lois Capps ♦ Tom Watson No
24 Timothy Allison Elton Gallegly ♦ No
25 Jackie Conaway Buck McKeon ♦ No
26 Russ Warner David Dreier ♦ No
27 Brad Sherman ♦ Mark Reed No
28 Howard Berman ♦ Merlin Froyd No
29 Adam Schiff ♦ John Colbert No
30 Henry Waxman ♦ Chuck Wilkerson No
31 Xavier Becerra ♦ Stephen Smith No
32 Judy Chu ♦ Edward Schmerling No
33 Karen Bass James Andion No
34 Lucille Roybal-Allard ♦ Wayne Miller No
35 Maxine Waters ♦ Bruce Brown No
36 Jane Harman ♦ Mattei Fein No
37 Laura Richardson ♦ Star Parker No
38 Grace Napolitano ♦ Robert Vaughn No
39 Linda Sanchez ♦ Larry Andre No
40 Christina Avalos Ed Royce ♦ No
41 Pat Meagher Jerry Lewis ♦ No
42 Michael Williamson Garry Miller ♦ No
43 Joe Baca ♦ Scott Folkens No
44 Bill Hedrick Ken Calvert ♦ No
45 Steve Pougnet Mary Bono Mack ♦ No
46 Ken Arnold Dana Rohrabacher ♦ No
47 Loretta Sanchez ♦ Van Tran No
48 Beth Krom John Campbell ♦ No
49 Howard Katz Darrell Issa ♦ No
50 Francine Busby Brian Bilbray ♦ No
51 Bob Filner ♦ Nick Popaditch No
52 Ray Lutz ♦ Duncan D. Hunter Yes
53 Susan Davis ♦ Michael Crimmins No
1 Diana DeGette ♦ Mike Fallon No
2 Jared Polis ♦ Stephen Bailey No
3 John Salazar ♦ Scott Tipton Yes
4 Betsy Markey ♦ Cory Gardner Yes
5 Kevin Bradley Doug Lamborn ♦ No
6 John Flerlage Mike Coffman ♦ No
7 Ed Perlmutter ♦ Ryan Frazier No
1 John Larson ♦ Ann Brickley No
2 Joe Courtney ♦ Janet Peckinpaugh No
3 Rosa DeLauro ♦ Jerry Labriola No
4 Jim Himes ♦ Dan Debicella No
5 Chris Murphy ♦ Sam Caligiuri No
At-large John Carney Glen Urquhart Yes
1 n/a (opponents were Joe Cantrell, Independent & John Krause, Independent) Jeff Miller ♦ No
2 Allen Boyd ♦ Steve Southerland Yes
3 Corrine Brown ♦ Michael Yost No
4 n/a (opponent was Troy Stanley, Independent) Ander Crenshaw ♦ No
5 Jim Piccillo Richard Nugent No
6 n/a (opponent was Steve Schonberg, Independent) Cliff Stearns ♦ No
7 Heather Beaven John Mica ♦ No
8 Alan Grayson ♦ Daniel Webster Yes
9 Anita dePalma Gus Bilirakis ♦ No
10 Charlie Justice Bill Young ♦ No
11 Kathy Castor ♦ Mike Prendergast No
12 Lori Edwards Dennis Ross No
13 James Golden Vern Buchanan ♦ No
14 James Roach Connie Mack ♦ No
15 Shannon Roberts Bill Posey ♦ No
16 Jim Horn Tom Rooney ♦ No
17 Frederica Wilson n/a (opponent was Roderick Vereen, Independent) No
18 Rolando A. Banciella Ileana Ros-Lehtinen ♦ No
19 Ted Deutch ♦ Joe Budd No
20 Debbie Wasserman Shultz ♦ Karen Harrington No
21 n/a (ran unopposed) Mario Diaz-Balart No
22 Ron Klein ♦ Allen West Yes
23 Alcee Hastings ♦ Bernard Sansricq No
24 Suzanne Kosmas ♦ Sandra Adams Yes
25 Joe Garcia David Rivera No
1 Oscar Harris Jack Kingston ♦ No
2 Sanford Bishop ♦ Mike Keown No
3 Frank Saunders Lynn Westmoreland ♦ No
4 Hank Johnson ♦ Lisbeth Carter No
5 John Lewis ♦ Fenn Little No
6 n/a (ran unopposed) Tom Price ♦ No
7 Doug Heckman Rob Woodall No
8 Jim Marshall ♦ Austin Scott Yes
9 n/a (ran unopposed) Tom Graves ♦ No
10 Russell Edwards Paul Broun ♦ No
11 n/a (ran unopposed) Phil Gingrey ♦ No
12 John Barrow ♦ Ray McKinney No
13 David Scott ♦ Mike Crane No
1 Colleen Hanabusa Charles Djou ♦ Yes
2 Mazie Hirono ♦ John Willoughby No
1 Walt Minnick ♦ Raul Labrador Yes
2 Mike Crawford Mike Simpson ♦ No
1 Bobby Rush ♦ Ray Wardingley No
2 Jesse Jackson, Jr. ♦ Isaac Hayes No
3 Dan Lipinski ♦ Michael Bendas No
4 Luis Gutierrez ♦ Israel Vasquez No
5 Mike Quigley ♦ David Ratowitz No
6 Benjamin Lowe Peter Roskam ♦ No
7 Danny Davis ♦ Mark Weiman No
8 Melissa Bean ♦ Joe Walsh Yes
9 Jan Schakowsky ♦ Joel Pollak No
10 Daniel Seals Robert Dold No
11 Debbie Halvorson ♦ Adam Kinzinger Yes
12 Jerry Costello ♦ Teri Newman No
13 Scott Harper Judy Biggert ♦ No
14 Bill Foster ♦ Randy Hultgren Yes
15 David Gill Tim Johnson ♦ No
16 George Gaulrapp Donald Manzullo ♦ No
17 Phil Hare ♦ Bobby Schilling Yes
18 Deidre Hirner Aaron Schock ♦ No
19 Tim Bagwell John Shimkus ♦ No
1 Pete Visclosky ♦ Mark Leyva No
2 Joe Donnelly ♦ Jackie Walorski No
3 Thomas Hayhurst Marlin Stutzman No
4 David Sanders Todd Rokita No
5 Tim Crawford Dan Burton ♦ No
6 Barry Welsh Mike Pence ♦ No
7 André Carson ♦ Marvin Scott No
8 Trent Van Haaften Larry Bucshon Yes
9 Baron Hill ♦ Todd Young Yes
1 Bruce Braley ♦ Benjamin Lange No
2 David Loebsack ♦ Mariannette Miller-Meeks No
3 Leonard Boswell ♦ Brad Zaun No
4 Bill Maske Tom Latham ♦ No
5 Matt Campbell Steve King ♦ No
1 Alan Jilka Tim Huelskamp No
2 Cheryl Hudspeth Lynn Jenkins ♦ No
3 Stephene Moore Kevin Yoder Yes
4 Raj Goyle Mike Pompeo No
1 Charles Hatchett Ed Whitfield ♦ No
2 Ed Marksberry Brett Guthrie ♦ No
3 John Yarmuth ♦ Todd Lally No
4 John Waltz Geoff Davis ♦ No
5 Jim Holbert Hal Rogers ♦ No
6 Ben Chandler ♦ Andy Barr No
1 Myron Katz Steve Scalise ♦ No
2 Cedric Richmond

Joseph Cao ♦

3 Ravi Sangisetty Jeff Landry Yes
4 David Melville John Fleming ♦ No
5 n/a (opponent was Tom Gibbs, Independent) Rodney Alexander ♦ No
6 Merritt E. McDonald Bill Cassidy ♦ No
7 n/a (ran unopposed) Charles Boustany ♦ No
1 Chellie Pingree ♦ Dean Scontras No
2 Mike Michaud ♦ Jason Levesque No
1 Frank Kratovil ♦ Andy Harris Yes
2 Dutch Ruppersberger ♦ Marcello Cardarelli No
3 John Sarbanes ♦ Jim Wilhelm No
4 Donna Edwards ♦ Robert Broadus No
5 Steny Hoyer ♦ Charles Lollar No
6 Andrew Duck Roscoe Bartlett ♦ No
7 Elijah Cummings ♦ Frank Mirabile No
8 Chris Van Hollen ♦ Michael Phillips No
1 John Olver ♦ Bill Gunn No
2 Richard Neal ♦ Tom Wesley No
3 Jim McGovern ♦ Marty Lamb No
4 Barney Frank ♦ Sean Bielat No
5 Niki Tsongas ♦ Jon Golnik No
6 John Tierney ♦ Bill Hudak No
7 Ed Markey ♦ Gerry Dembrowski No
8 Mike Capuano ♦ n/a (ran unopposed) No
9 Stephen Lynch ♦ Vernon Harrison No
10 William Keating Jeff Perry No
1 Gary McDowell Dan Benishek Yes
2 Fred Johnson Bill Huizenga No
3 Pat Miles Justin Amash No
4 Jerry Campbell Dave Camp ♦ No
5 Dale Kildee ♦ John Kupiec No
6 Don Cooney Fred Upton ♦ No
7 Mark Schauer ♦ Tim Walberg Yes
8 Lance Enderle Mike Rogers ♦ No
9 Gary Peters ♦ Andrew "Rocky"  Raczkowski No
10 Henry Yanez Candice Miller ♦ No
11 Natalie Mosher Thad McCotter ♦ No
12 Sander Levin ♦ Don Volaric No
13 Hansen Clarke John Hauler No
14 John Conyers ♦ Don Ukrainec No
15 John Dingell ♦ Rob Steele No
1 Tim Walz ♦ Randy Demmer No
2 Shelly Madore John Kline ♦ No
3 Jim Meffert Erik Paulsen ♦ No
4 Betty McCollum ♦ Teresa Collett No
5 Keith Ellison ♦ Joel Demos No
6 Tarryl Clark Michele Bachmann ♦ No
7 Colin Peterson ♦

Lee Byberg

8 Jim Oberstar ♦ Chip Cravaack Yes
1 Travis Childers ♦ Alan Nunnelee Yes
2 Bernie Thompson ♦ Bill Marcy No
3 Joel Gill Gregg Harper ♦ No
4 Gene Taylor ♦ Steven Palazzo Yes
1 William Lacy Clay ♦ Robyn Hamlin No
2 Arthur Lieber Todd Akin ♦ No
3 Russ Carnahan ♦ Ed Martin No
4 Ike Skelton ♦ Vicky Hartzler Yes
5 Emanuel Cleaver ♦ Jacob Turk No
6 Clint Hylton Sam Graves ♦ No
7 Scott Eckersley Billy Long No
8 Tommy Sowers Jo Ann Emerson ♦ No
9 n/a (opponent was Christopher Dwyer, Libertarian) Blaine Luetkemeyer ♦ No
At-large Dennis McDonald Denny Rehberg ♦ No
1 Ivy Harper Jeff Fortenberry ♦ No
2 Tom White Lee Terry ♦ No
3 Rebekah Davis Adrian Smith ♦ No
1 Shelly Berkley ♦ Ken Wegner No
2 Nancy Price Dean Heller ♦ No
3 Dina Titus ♦ Joe Heck Yes
1 Carol Shea-Porter ♦ Frank Guinta Yes
2 Ann Kuster Charlie Bass Yes
1 Rob Andrews ♦ Dale Glading No
2 Gary Stein Frank LoBiondo ♦ No
3 John Adler ♦ Jon Runyan Yes
4 Howward Kleinhendler Chris Smith ♦ No
5 Tod Theise Scott Garrett ♦ No
6 Frank Pallone ♦ Anna Little No
7 Ed Potosnak Leonard Lance ♦ No
8 Bill Pascrell ♦ Roland Straten No
9 Steve Rothman ♦ Michael Agosta No
10 Donald Payne ♦ Michael Alonso No
11 Douglas Herbert Rodney Frelinghuysen ♦ No
12 Rush Holt ♦ Scott Sipprelle No
13 Albio Sires ♦ Henrietta Dwyer No
1 Martin Heinrich ♦ Jonathan Barela No
2 Harry Teague ♦ Steve Pearce Yes
3 Ben Lujan ♦ Tom Mullins No
1 Timothy Bishop ♦ Randy Altschuler Yes
2 Steve Israel ♦ John Gomez No
3 Howard Kudler Peter King ♦ No
4 Carolyn McCarthy ♦ Francis Becker No
5 Gary Ackerman ♦ James Milano No
6 Gregory Meeks ♦ Asher Taub No
7 Joseph Crowley ♦ Ken Reynolds No
8 Jerrold Nadler ♦ Susan Kone No
9 Anthony Weiner ♦ Bob Turner No
10 Edolphus Towns ♦ Diana Muniz No
11 Yvette Clarke ♦ Hugh Carr No
12 Nydia Velazquez ♦ n/a (opponent was Alice Gaffney, Conservative Party) No
13 Michael McMahon ♦ Michael Grimm Yes
14 Carolyn Maloney ♦ Ryan Brumberg No
15 Charles Rangel ♦ Michel Faulkner No
16 Jose E. Serrano ♦ Frank Della Valle No
17 Eliot Engel ♦ Anthony Melé No
18 Nita Lowey ♦ Jim Russell No
19 John Hall ♦ Nan Hayworth Yes
20 Scott Murphy ♦ Chris Gibson Yes
21 Paul Tonko ♦ Theodore Danz No
22 Maurice Hinchey ♦ George Phillips No
23 Bill Owens ♦ Matthew A. Doheny No
24 Mike Arcuri ♦ Richard Hanna Yes
25 Daniel Maffei ♦ Ann Buerkle Yes
26 Philip Fedele Christopher Lee ♦ No
27 Brian Higgins ♦ Leonard Roberto No
28 Louise Slaughter ♦ Jill Rowland No
29 Matthew Zeller Thomas Reed Yes
1 G.K. Butterfield ♦ Ashley Woolard No
2 Bob Etheridge ♦ Renee Ellmers Yes
3 Johnny Rouse Walter Jones ♦ No
4 David Price ♦ William J. Lawson No
5 Billy Kennedy Virginia Foxx ♦ No
6 Sam Turner Howard Coble ♦ No
7 Mike McIntyre ♦ Ilario Pantano No
8 Larry Kissell ♦ Harold Johnson No
9 Jeff Doctor Sue Myrick ♦ No
10 Jeff Gregory Patrick McHenry ♦ No
11 Heath Shuler ♦ Jeff Miller No
12 Mel Watt ♦ Greg Dority No
13 Brad Miller ♦ William Randall No
At-large Earl Pomeroy ♦ Rick Berg Yes
1 Steve Driehaus ♦ Steve Chabot Yes
2 Surya "Chili" Yalamanchili Jean Schmidt ♦ No
3 Joe Roberts Mike Turner ♦ No
4 Doug Litt Jim Jordan ♦ No
5 Caleb Finkenbiner Bob Latta ♦ No
6 Charlie Wilson ♦ Bill Johnson Yes
7 Bill Conner Steve Austria ♦ No
8 Justin Coussoule John Boehner ♦ No
9 Marcy Kaptur ♦ Rich Lott No
10 Dennis Kucinch ♦ Peter Corrigan No
11 Marcia Fudge ♦ Thomas Pekarek No
12 Paula Brooks Pat Tiberi ♦ No
13 Betty Sutton ♦ Tom Ganley No
14 Bill O'Neill Steve LaTourette ♦ No
15 Mary Jo Kilroy ♦ Steve Stivers Yes
16 John Boccieri ♦ Jim Renacci Yes
17 Timothy Ryan ♦ Jim Graham No
18 Zach Space ♦ Bob Gibbs Yes
1 n/a (opponent was Angelia O'Dell, Independent) John Sullivan ♦ No
2 Dan Boren ♦ Charles Thompson No
3 Frankie Robbins Frank Lucas ♦ No
4 n/a (ran unopposed) Tom Cole ♦ No
5 Billy Coyle James Lankford No
1 David Wu ♦ Rob Cornilles No
2 Joyce Segers Greg Walden ♦ No
3 Earl Blumenauer ♦ Delia Lopez No
4 Peter DeFazio ♦ Art Robinson No
5 Kurt Schrader ♦ Scott Bruun No
1 Robert Brady ♦ n/a (ran unopposed) No
2 Chaka Fattah ♦ Rick Hellberg No
3 Kathy Dahlkemper ♦ Mike Kelly Yes
4 Jason Altmire ♦ Keith Rothfus No
5 Michael Pipe Glenn Thompson ♦ No
6 Manan Trivedi Jim Gerlach ♦ No
7 Bryan Lentz Patrick Meehan Yes
8 Patrick Murphy ♦ Mike Fitzpatrick Yes
9 Tom Conners Bill Shuster ♦ No
10 Chris Carney ♦ Thomas Marino Yes
11 Paul Kanjorski ♦ Lou Barletta Yes
12 Mark Critz ♦ Tim Burns No
13 Allyson Schwartz ♦ Dee Adcock No
14 Mike Doyle ♦ Melissa Haluszczak No
15 John Callahan Charles Dent ♦ No
16 Lois Herr Joseph Pitts ♦ No
17 Tim Holden ♦ Dave Argall No
18 Dan Connolly Tim Murphy ♦ No
19 Ryan Sanders Todd Platts ♦ No
1 David Cicilline John Loughlin No
2 Jim Langevin ♦ Mark Zaccaria No
1 Ben Fraiser Tim Scott No
2 Rob Miller Joe Wilson ♦ No
3 Jane Dyer Jeff Duncan No
4 Paul Corden Trey Gowdy No
5 John Spratt ♦ Mick Mulvaney Yes
6 Jim Clyburn ♦ Jim Pratt No
At-large Stephanie Herseth Sandlin ♦ Kristi Noem Yes
1 Michael Clark Phil Roe ♦ No
2 David Hancock John Duncan ♦ No
3 John Wolfe Charles Fleischmann No
4 Lincoln Davis ♦ Scott DesJarlais Yes
5 Jim Cooper ♦ David Hall No
6 Brett Carter Diane Black Yes
7 Greg Rabidoux Marsha Blackburn ♦ No
8 Roy Herron Stephen Fincher Yes
9 Steve Cohen ♦ Charlotte Bergmann No
1 n/a (opponent was Charles Parkes, Libertarian) Louie Gohmert ♦ No
2 n/a (opponent was David Smith, Libertarian) Ted Poe ♦ No
3 John Lingenfelder Sam Johnson ♦ No
4 VaLinda Hathcox Ralph Hall ♦ No
5 Tom Berry Jeb Hensarling ♦ No
6 David Cozad Joe Barton ♦ No
7 n/a (opponent was Bob Townsend, Libertarian) John Culberson ♦ No
8 Kent Hargett Kevin Brady ♦ No
9 Al Green ♦ Steve Mueller No
10 Ted Ankrum Michael McCaul ♦ No
11 James Quillian Mike Conaway ♦ No
12 Tracey Smith Kay Granger ♦ No
13 n/a (opponents were Keith Dyer, Independent & John Burwell, Libertarian) Mac Thornberry ♦ No
14 Robert Pruett Ron Paul ♦ No
15 Ruben Hinojosa ♦ Eddie Zamora No
16 Silvestre Reyes ♦ Tim Besco No
17 Chet Edwards ♦ Bill Flores Yes
18 Sheila Jackson Lee ♦ John Faulk No
19 Andy Wilson Randy Neugebauer ♦ No
20 Charlie Gonzalez ♦ Clayton Trotter No
21 Lainey Melnick Lamar Smith ♦ No
22 Kesha Rogers Pete Olson ♦ No
23 Ciro Rodriguez ♦ Quico Canseco Yes
24 n/a (opponent was David Sparks, Libertarian) Kenny Marchant ♦ No
25 Lloyd Doggett ♦ Donna Campbell No
26 Neil Durrance Michael Burgess ♦ No
27 Solomon Ortiz ♦ Blake Farenthold Yes
28 Henry Cuellar ♦ Bryan Keith Underwood No
29 Gene Green ♦ Roy Morales No
30 Eddie Bernice Johnson ♦ Stephen Broden No
31 n/a (opponent was Bill Oliver, Libertarian) John Carter ♦ No
32 Grier Raggio Pete Sessions ♦ No
1 Morgan Bowen Rob Bishop ♦ No
2 Jim Matheson ♦ Morgan Philpot No
3 Karen Hyer Jason Chaffetz ♦ No


At-large Peter Welch ♦ Paul Beaudry No
1 Krystal Ball Robert Wittman ♦ No
2 Glenn Nye ♦ Scott Rigell Yes
3 Bobby Scott ♦ Chuck Smith No
4 Wynne LeGrow Randy Forbes ♦ No
5 Tom Perriello ♦ Robert Hurt Yes
6 n/a (opponents were Jeffrey Vanke, Independent & Stuart Bain, Libertarian) Bob Goodlatte ♦ No
7 Rick Waugh Eric Cantor ♦ No
8 Jim Moran ♦ Patrick Murray No
9 Rick Boucher ♦ Morgan Griffith Yes
10 Jeff Marnett Frank Wolf ♦ No
11 Gerry Connolly ♦ Keith Fimian No
1 Jay Inslee ♦ James Watkins No
2 Rick Larsen ♦ John Koster No
3 Denny Heck Jaime Herrera Yes
4 Jay Clough Doc Hastings ♦ No
5 Daryl Romeyn Cathy McMorris-Rodgers ♦ No
6 Norm Dicks ♦ Doug Cloud No
7 Jim McDermott ♦ n/a (opponent was Bob Jeffers-Schroder, Independent) No
8 Suzan DelBene Dave Reichert ♦ No
9 Adam Smith ♦ Dick Muri No
1 Mike Oliverio David McKinley Yes
2 V. Lynch Graf Shelly Moore Capito ♦ No
3 Nick Rahall ♦ Elliott Maynard No
1 John Heckenlively Paul Ryan ♦ No
2 Tammy Baldwin ♦ Chad Lee No
3 Ron Kind ♦ Dan Kapanke No
4 Gwen Moore ♦ Dan Sebring No
5 Todd Kolosso Jim Sensenbrenner ♦ No
6 Joseph Kallas Tom Petri ♦ No
7 Julie Lassa Sean Duffy Yes
8 Steven Kagen ♦ Reid Ribble Yes
At-large David Wendt Cynthia Lummis ♦ No


GUBERNATORIAL 2010 Election Results



Key: Winning candidate shaded in yellow, Incumbent denoted by "♦," changes to Republicans shaded in red, changes to Democrats shaded in blue.
ALABAMA Ron Sparks Robert J. Bentley No
ALASKA Ethan Berkowitz Sean Parnell ♦ No
ARIZONA Terry Goddard Jan Brewer ♦ No


Mike Beebe ♦ Jim Keet No
CALIFORNIA Jerry Brown Meg Whitman Yes
COLORADO John Hickenlooper

Dan Maes

Tom Tancredo (American Constitution Party)

CONNECTICUT Dan Malloy Tom Foley Yes

Alex Sink

Rick Scott No

Roy Barnes

Nathan Deal No
HAWAII Neil Abercrombie James Aiona Yes
IDAHO Keith G. Allred C.L. Butch Otter ♦ No

Pat Quinn ♦

Bill Brady No
IOWA Chet Culver ♦ Terry Branstad Yes
KANSAS Tom Holland Sam Brownback Yes
MAINE Elizabeth Mitchell Paul LePage Yes
MARYLAND Martin O'Malley ♦ Robert Ehrlich No
MASSACHUSETTS Deval Patrick ♦ Charlie Baker No
MICHIGAN Virg Bernero Rick Snyder Yes

Mark Dayton

Tom Horner (Independence)

Tom Emmer
NEBRASKA Mike Meister Dave Heineman ♦ No
NEVADA Rory Reid Brian Sandoval No
NEW HAMPSHIRE John Lynch ♦ John Stephen No
NEW MEXICO Diane Denish Susana Martinez Yes
NEW YORK Andrew Cuomo Carl Paladino No
OHIO Ted Strickland ♦ John Kasich Yes
OKLAHOMA Jari Askins Mary Fallin Yes
OREGON John Kitzhaber Chris Dudley No
PENNSYLVANIA Dan Onorato Tom Corbett Yes

Frank Caprio

Lincoln Chafee (Independent)

John Robitaille

SOUTH CAROLINA Vincent Sheheen Nikki Haley No
SOUTH DAKOTA Scott Heidepriem Dennis Daugaard No
TENNESSEE Mike McWherter Bill Haslam Yes
TEXAS Bill White Rick Perry ♦ No
UTAH Peter Corroon Gary Herbert ♦ No
VERMONT Peter Shumlin Brian Dubie Yes
WISCONSIN Tom Barrett Scott Walker Yes
WYOMING Leslie Petersen Matt Mead Yes





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