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TV: BIG BROTHER 12 - Summer of Sabotage
Written by US Townhall staff   
Sunday, 11 July 2010 21:00

Cast of Big Brother 12 (Photo Credit: CBS)Click here to check out our interviews with the evicted houseguests!


We're back once again with our exclusive coverage of the summer guilty pleasure series, Big Brother, where 52 cameras and 95 microphones follow and listen in on every move of the contestants who have voluntarily allowed themselves to be locked away from the outside world in a specially-designed house for the summer.  Each week one of the houseguests will be "evicted," and the last one remaining in the house will win the half-million dollar grand prize.  This twelfth installment is subtitled "The Summer of Sabotage" because, in a Big Brother first, one of the 13 houseguests is not playing to win the grand prize.  He or she is in the house for the sole purpose of wreaking as much havoc in the house and on the plans of his or her housemates as possible.  If the secret saboteur makes it to week 5 without being evicted, this person will win $50,000.  So far, we don't know two things: first, neither the home audience nor the Big Brother contestants have been told who the saboteur is or even been given any clues as to his or her identity.  Second, it hasn't been revealed if the houseguest gets to stay in the game after week 5.  The way it's been talked about so far, the houseguest will leave after week 5 on his or her own because host Julie Chen said that the saboteur isn't there to win the game.  However, this is Big Brother, and they make up rules and twists on the fly, so we can't be 100% certain about anything at this moment.


After watching the first two episodes, we are leaning toward Kristen as being the saboteur.  She's received very little screen time so far – to the point where we actually forgot she was in the house until everyone sat down at the round table for the first nomination ceremony on Sunday night's episode.  Every other contestant has had a "moment" to be noticed by the other houseguests and the home audience thus far, and the producers are editing the footage in order to convince us that either Andrew or Brendon is the saboteur, which automatically makes us believe it's not them at all.


Who is the secret saboteur?  It will be announced to the home audience on the Thursday, July 15 show, and the saboteur will essentially become this season's America's Player as he or she will perform tasks to disrupt the house that are voted on by the home audience.


Below you can meet our 13 incarcerated game show contestants, and keep checking back with us as we begin to post episode-by-episode summaries of this season's shennanigans.  If you want to relive the hijinks of last year's game, click on the "Television blog" menu link where our recaps from Season 11 are posted.  Want the scoop on all the stuff from the live feeds and past seasons?  Check out www.hamsterwatch.com or http://attwx.com/


These are the 13 houseguests for Big Brother season 12: 







Andrew Gordon

Age: 39

Occupation: Doctor (Podiatrist)

Residence: Miami Beach, FL

Evicted 3rd: Day 27, July 29


Annie Whittington

Age: 27

Occupation: Bartender

Residence: Tampa, FL

Evicted 1st: Day 13, July 15


Brendon Villegas

Age: 30

Occupation: High School swim coach

Residence: Riverside, CA

Evicted 8th: Day 55, August 26


Britney Hayes

Age: 22

Occupation: Hotel sales manager

Residence: Huntington, AZ

Evicted 10th: Day 67, September 7

(aired September 8)

Enzo Palumbo (Photo Credit: CBS)

Enzo Palumbo

Age: 32

Occupation: Insurance adjuster

Residence: Bayonne, NJ

Hayden Moss (Photo Credit: CBS)

Hayden Moss

Age: 24

Occupation: College student

Residence: Tempe, AZ

Kathy Hillis (Photo Credit: CBS)

Kathy Hillis

Age: 40

Occupation: Deputy Sheriff-Sergeant

Residence: Texarkana, Arkansas

Evicted 6th: Day 48, August 19


Kristen Bitting

Age: 24

Occupation: Boutique Manager

Residence: Philadelphia, PA

Evicted 4th: Day 34, August 5

Lane Elenburg (Photo Credit: CBS)

Lane Elenburg

Age: 24

Occupation: Oil rig salesman

Residence: Decatur, TX


Matt Hoffman

Age: 32

Occupation: Web designer

Residence: Elgin, IL

Evicted 7th: Day 55, August 26


Monet Stunson

Age: 24

Occupation: Model

Residence: Glen Carbon, IL

Evicted 2nd: Day 20, July 22


Rachel Reilly

Age: 26

Occupation: Chemistry graduate student

Residence: Las Vegas, NV

Evicted 5th: Day 41, August 12

Ragan Fox (Photo Credit: CBS)

Ragan Fox

Age: 34

Occupation: College professor

Residence: West Hollywood, CA

Evicted 9th: Day 62, September 2





DAY 1: Saturday, July 3, 2010

- The houseguests enter the house in the following groups: Britney-Ragan-Brendon-Rachel; Lane-Annie-Enzo-Kathy-Andrew; Monet-Hayden-Kristen-Matt.

- HouseGuests are told of the saboteur twist of the season.

- When Julie begins the HOH competition, Andrew volunteers to sit out and be the mascot even after he's told that he won't be eligible to be head of household.  This arouses suspicions in the house that Andrew could be the saboteur.

- The HGs divide into 2 teams of six: Annie, Rachel, Brendon, Kathy, Ragan, and Enzo become the Yellow (outfitted) team.  Lane, Britney, Monet, Hayden, Kristen, and Matt become the Red team.  As mascot, Andrew had to wear a giant weiner costume.

- As the competition begins, Julie tells Andrew that, while he cannot win HOH, he is also safe from the first eviction.


EPISODES 1-4 / DAYS 1-13, July 3-15


Competition / Activity



Hayden Moss (Photo Credit: CBS)


Term: Days 1-13

(July 3-15)

Episodes: 1-4

(July 8,11,14,15)

Head of Household

"Hot Dog! We Have a Weiner!"

Conducted: Day 1, Saturday July 3

Aired: Episode 1, Thursday July 8

Rules: Hot dogs proved to be the theme of the first HOH competition as each houseguest in turn had to grab hold of a giant hot dog and swing across the backyard to a platform on the other side.  The first HG on the winning team would win $10,000; the second wins $1,000; third wins $100; fourth wins $10; fifth wins $1, but the last HG on the winning team to cross to the other side becomes the first Head of Household.

Winner: Hayden


Cash Prizes:

Monet: $10,000

Lane: $1,000

Kristin: $110

Matt: $1


"Sweet Tooth"

Aired: Episode 2, Sunday July 11

Rules: Contestants in 3 teams must crawl through a pool of caramel and find "teeth" in a giant mound of popcorn.  First two teams to find 8 teeth each are the Haves for the week.


"Belly Achers": Brtiney, Enzo, Lane, Monet

"Plaque Attack": Andrew, Annie, Brendon, Kristen


"Holy Molars":

Kathy Hillis (Photo Credit: CBS)


Matt Hoffman (Photo Credit: CBS)


Rachel Reilly (Photo Credit: CBS)


Ragan Fox (Photo Credit: CBS)


Nomination Ceremony

Conducted: Day 5, Wednesday July 7

Aired: Episode 2, Sunday July 11

Keys are pulled in the following order:

Andrew (immune), Annie, Ragan, Enzo, Kristen, Britney, Matt, Monet, Kathy, Lane

Initial Nominees for Eviction:

Brendon Villegas (Photo Credit: CBS)


Rachel Reilly (Photo Credit: CBS)


Veto Competition

"Cinco de Mayo" (as in mayonnaise)

Conducted: Day 7, Friday July 9

Aired: Episode 3, Wednesday July 14

Rules: Veto players must smash open piñatas filled with rotten mayonnaise and find letters inside.  The one who spells the longest word wins the Golden Power of Veto.


Brendon Villegas (Photo Credit: CBS)

Brendon, who spelled "understanding"

Other players:

Hayden: "possible"

Enzo: "factory"

Rachel: "chemistry"

Monet: "cheaters"

Andrew: purposely misspelled "pasteurized" as "pastuerized" to throw the competition

Veto Meeting

Conducted: Day 9, Sunday July 11

Aired: Episode 3, Wednesday July 14

Brendon used the veto on himself.

Hayden replaced him with Annie, who is suspected of being in an alliance with Brendon and Rachel

Final Nominees for Eviction:

Annie Whittington (Photo Credit: CBS)


Rachel Reilly (Photo Credit: CBS)


Live Eviction

Conducted & Aired: Episode 4, Day 13, Thursday July 15

Houseguests' voting order: Monet, Andrew, Lane, Kathy, Kristen, Brendon, Ragan, Enzo, Matt, Britney.

All houseguests voted to evict Annie



Annie, by a vote of 10 to zero

Big Brother Babble: 

- After the HOH competition, Julie tells the audience that America can influence the game by sending in sabotage suggestions and that every episode the Saboteur will choose one to execute.  Essentially, the Saboteur is a modified take on the America's Player concept that was part of past seasons of Big Brother.

- The Saboteur strikes on Day 1!  The HGs are all gathered in the living room when all of a sudden the lights go out!  Before they do, they are sitting as follows: on the cream couch are Rachel, Hayden, and Enzo.  On the grey couch are Ragan, Britney, and Matt.  Sitting on the floor in front of the grey couch between Ragan and Britney is Kristen, and sitting on the floor in front of both couches is Annie.  In the nominee chairs are Lane and Brendon.  Andrew, Monet, and Kathy are not seen. 

However, when the lights come back on, several HGs are in different positions.  The cream couch now has Kathy and Ragan in addition to Rachel, Hayden, and Enzo.  The grey couch now has Brendon, and Kristen is now seated on the couch rather than in front of it.  Matt has moved into the nominee chair that Brendon was previously sitting in.  Monet is now next to Annie on the floor in front of the two couches, and Andrew is laying down behind the cream couch after having played some pranks such as slamming bedroom doors and throwing pillows.  Brendon also was away from the group during the blackout as he said he thought that when the lights went out that it was time to go to bed so he got up to get his toothbrush and toothpaste. 

Via the video screen in disguised form and voice, the Saboteur tells the HGs that he or she has struck and that the storage room pantry has been locked and that they must eat slop.  This event made the house suspicious of both Andrew and Brendon of being the Saboteur.

- A Showmance is born!  In the yard, Brendon, Rachel, and Annie are talking on the hammock, and Brendon tells them that he has a Master's degree in Applied Physics and that he's starting his PhD in Biomedical Physics at UCLA in the fall after Big Brother is over.  Brendon is also a member of the American Association of Physicists and Medicine.  This immediately causes a chemical reaction in Rachel, who has a Chemistry degree from Western Carolina University (we're so stupid that we didn't even know there was a Western Carolina!).  And, so, the first Big Brother showmance of the season is born.  However, this was noticed by Hayden, which, in addition to everyone suspecting Brendon as the Saboteur, prompted his nomination decision.

Brendon Villegas (Photo Credit: CBS)


Rachel Reilly (Photo Credit: CBS)



- An Alliance is born!  Enzo decides to start a "mafia," and approaches Hayden about forming an alliance with Matt and Lane.  In true Jersey Shore fashion, Enzo creates nicknames for everyone and so Hayden becomes "The Animal," Lane is "The Beast," Matt is "The Brains," and for reasons that make sense only to him, Enzo dubs himself "The Meow-Meow."  The alliance itself is called "The Brigade."  

The BRIGADE Alliance:

Enzo Palumbo (Photo Credit: CBS)

The Meow-Meow

Hayden Moss (Photo Credit: CBS)

The Animal

Lane Elenburg (Photo Credit: CBS)

The Beast

Matt Hoffman (Photo Credit: CBS)

The Brains


- Secrets are revealed!  Annie calls Ragan into the Cabana room, and tells him that she has a girlfriend back home whom she's been dating for a year and a half.  For his part, Ragan feel flattered and honored that she shared this part of herself with him.

- The Big Brother Saboteur strikes again!  It's Day 4 (Tuesday, July 6), and on the memory wall, "X" marks in green tape are placed over the pictures of Kathy and Britney sending both ladies into a paranoid spiral because they fear that this will influence Hayden's decision as to whom to put up for eviction.  When Britney speaks to Hayden in the HOH room later, she tells Hayden that she would put up Brendon and Kathy as nominees.

On another occasion, the Saboteur returns with another video message that not everyone in the house was a stranger to each other before entering the house and that two of the houseguests are lifelong friends.  However, some in the house are considering the possiblity that the Saboteur was lying.  Enzo feels that the Saboteur's "whole style is caca."

- Who is the Saboteur?  In the HOH room, we see Enzo, Matt, Hayden, Kathy, and Monet discuss who they think the Saboteur is.  Beyond rehashing the Brendon and Andrew thing, Kathy, who is a Deputy Sheriff, analyzes the situation "with the criminal stuff," and posits that the Saboteur will turn out to be a girl, and " a very likeable girl, and you're not gonna see it because everyone likes this person."  Enzo suspects Annie of being the Saboteur.

- Houseguests gone wild!  In the wake of Annie being put on the nomination block as a replacement for Brendon, she seems to become unhinged and starts verbally attacking Britney, whom Annie blames for spinning a web of lies that landed her on the block.

- Annie is the Saboteur!  Julie reveals that America voted Kathy as its guess for who the Saboteur was.  However, we later learn that it was Annie who was, in reality,  the Saboteur.  Via flashback, we see Annie get up in the dark during the blackout and padlock the door to the pantry and walking right by Brendon who was also up at the time.  On her way back to the couch area, she actually bumped into Brendon who was still feeling his way around the dark.  We also see her putting the X marks on Kathy and Britney's pictures on Day 4.  Finally, we see a new act of sabotage: Annie gets suggestions via Facebook from Big Brother viewers, and she picks one where she has to put electronic devices that emit noises to annoy the houseguests during the day and night.  Then, via a new video message, the Saboteur tells Hayden that he escaped the block this week, which immediately made people think it was Brendon again.  This shows how little collective brainpower there is in the house because if Brendon were the Saboteur, why would he leave a message that directly pointed to himself?

- Annie goes out with a bang!  At the live eviction, Annie gave the speech of all speeches – lasting a full minute – to save her hide and throw Rachel under the bus one last time by reminding everyone that she is in a showmance with Brendon who would take her through the game the way Jeff did with Jordan last year and that Brendon lied to everyone about his true occupation.

Once Annie is evicted, this had the consequence of also evicting the Saboteur on week 1, ending the summer's twist right off the bat.  Like a lot of past Big Brother twists, it was a fizzler rather than a sizzler.

On Julie's couch after she was evicted, Annie's fiery temper came out once again as a reaction to Rachel's goodbye video.  Rachel said she was happy that Annie was gone because Annie tried to come between her and "her man," Brendon.  Annie told everyone in the studio that Brendon had tried to flirt with her and when she declined, Brendon began his showmance with Rachel, so Rachel got her "sloppy seconds."






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