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USTownhall RealStories presents DONALD TRUMP, TRACE ADKINS, & PENN JILLETTE of All-Star Celebrity Apprentice
Written by Scott Katz   
Saturday, 18 May 2013 19:03

On Sunday, May 19, the sixth installment of The Celebrity Apprentice reaches its finale.  After toiling away for weeks, the fourteen celebrities have been whittled down to the final two – country superstar Trace Adkins and magician/entertainer Penn Jillette

In the final task, which began on the May 12 episode, Team Trace, led by Adkins, faces off against Team Penn, led by Jillette, in concoting a new flavor of ice cream for Walgreens Pharmacy's DeLish brand.  Team Trace came up with "Maple Macadamia Mash-Up," while Team Penn created "Vanilla & Chocolate Magic Swirtle." 

Additionally, each team must produce a promotional video and raise money for a launch event featuring its new flavor.  Trace Adkins was joined by returning celebrities Lil Jon, Gary Busey, and Marilu Henner, while Penn Jillette had Lisa Rinna, La Toya Jackson, and Dennis Rodman assisting him.

Sunday's episode will show the conclusion of the task, which had been previously filmed, within a live setting where the final two will face Mr. Trump and await his decision on who performed the best and who will become the next Celebrity Apprentice.


USTownhall RealStories speaks with Donald Trump, Trace Adkins, and Penn Jillette of All-Star Celebrity Apprentice:

USTH: First of all, Mr. Trump, congratulations on Celebrity Apprentice being renewed for another season.

DONALD TRUMP: Thank you very much.

USTH: Well deserved; it's a great show.

DONALD TRUMP: Thanks a lot; I appreciate it.


USTH: As you look back on this past season, how happy are you with the way it all turned out? What are your thoughts about the way the whole season developed?

NUP_152376_0146_cr-resizeDONALD TRUMP: Well, you know, I'm very happy with the final two. I actually took a lot of heat, fellows, I will tell you this because so many people liked Lil Jon. I have this very large Twitter account with millions of people, and I will tell you I took heat. Penn and Trace, [the people] loved Lil Jon and they were very disappointed.
Now, it also was that he happened to say something at his little interview.  He said, "Please Tweet Mr. Trump and say, 'You made a mistake,'" so maybe that had to do with it.  That could very well have had to do with it.  But a lot of people really felt very strongly about him, and I think the two guys would say he was terrific.

PENN JILLETTE: Absolutely.

DONALD TRUMP: I really like who we ended up with. I really like the season. It was a very good season. Very competitive from a lot of standpoints because there were so many [other series] – the Sunday night hours are very, very tough. You have all of the finales. You have all of the major Country Music awards, and there were so many different competitive shows, and yet we still did well. You had the Bible I guess in cable; you had [Game of Thrones]; you had everything.
I think Sunday night has become – Sunday night used to be an easy night. I think it's now maybe the most competitive night on television. And despite that we did very well. We almost always won the 10:00 hour and we're really happy about it. But I like the way the season came out.


USTH: My next question is for Penn and Trace.  Do you consider yourselves to be competitive by nature, or is this something new that came out of you while playing this game?

CA6-PennJillette_crPENN JILLETTE: It's very new for me. I've never played sports. I've never been a game player. I've always kind of been in my own little world. And I've never really focused on any sort of competition thing. And I actually enjoyed it. Maybe I've got to start playing chess or something.

DONALD TRUMP: Get yourself into sports; you'd be great at sports. You don't play – you've never played sports? I didn't know that. Wow.

PENN JILLETTE: I've never been a sports player, no.

DONALD TRUMP: With that size you would think you'd be good.

PENN JILLETTE: I've always been a bit of a bookworm, I'm afraid.

TRACE ADKINS: I, on the other hand, am an old jock and yes, the competitiveness started at a very early age with me and it continues on today, really.  I mean, the business that I'm in, country music, is a competitive business. To be relevant in this business means to be competitive, and that's how I continue to be relevant because I continue to be competitive.


USTH: On the first interview that we did before the season began, I asked Brett Michaels and LaToya Jackson to describe their charities and why it was important to them. You both have done a little bit of that on the show already, but I feel you can never talk about your charities too much. So I'd like to give you the opportunity once again to each of you to talk about your charity. What's the name of it, and why is it important to you?

CA6-TraceAdkins_crTRACE ADKINS: Okay, I will just say at this point though you watch Sunday night because they give us ample opportunity to talk a lot about our charities. They spent a lot of time interviewing us and interviewing the people that we are representing. And so Sunday night, they go into our charities in great depth. So, that will all be on there Sunday night.
But I'll just tell you quickly that the American Red Cross showed up at my office in June, 2011 when we had a house fire. Our house was a total loss, and right on the heels of the firefighters was the American Red Cross. And I was embarrassed at that time to learn that they respond to over 70,000 house fires a year in this country. I didn't know that.
I thought the Red Cross was just the huge natural disaster response team, and I was embarrassed to learn that they – somewhere in this country right now, there's a Red Cross volunteer that's helping somebody. And, I just felt like I owed them something for being at my house when I wasn't there. I was in Alaska, so I play [Celebrity Apprentice] for the American Red Cross.

PENN JILLETTE: And I play for Opportunity Village, which is now a local charity in Las Vegas.  [Penn and Teller] do a lot of stuff with charity in Vegas. The reason I chose Opportunity Village is I'm hoping that the idea will spread. It is for people with intellectual disabilities, and it is the idea of not warehousing these people or keeping them separate from us, but rather training them to have skills and [integrate] into the workplace and just not be part of an intellectual apartheid. And I'm hoping that that idea has been successful.
One of the things that's wonderful about being on Celebrity Apprentice besides the fact that it helps Penn and Teller, a bigger fact is people from all over the country have called Opportunity Village and talked about starting them in other cities. And I need to add because –Mr. Trump cannot hear this enough – that it was Elvis Presley's favorite charity. Every scarf that he would wear in Vegas and wipe his brow and kiss and throw into the audience was made by the clients in Opportunity Village.
And I will also say that they do a lot of stuff for Mr. Trump.  At some of his hotels and properties, they do some packaging for him there. So, it's a wonderful charity to move people with intellectual disabilities into the mainstream and let them be part of us and let us love them and appreciate them.


USTH: That sounds great. Finally, as you guys look back on this past season, what are the feelings that you are left with, and are you surprised about anything that you learned about yourself?

PENN JILLETTE: Yes, I'm a little surprised that I believe I'm a little less of a creep than I thought. I've always seen myself as much more of an outsider, and I think Celebrity Apprentice let me deal with people that I normally wouldn't deal with and understand that I can get along a little better with them. That meant a lot to me. Also, after talking about the charity, this seems a little crass, but as well as we were doing in Vegas before [Celebrity Apprentice], we're doing much, much better now, [it] is the biggest bump we've ever seen.


USTH:  And Trace?

TRACE ADKINS: I'm not really surprised, but I have to say from day one when I showed up and I got to peruse the cast, I thought if I was going to win this thing that Penn was going to be the man I was going to have to beat. And that's why I chose him first when I was given the opportunity to choose my team. I picked him, and then I was going to pick Omarosa and use her to dispatch Penn. But Brett picked her, and I knew immediately he'd made a mistake, and she cut his throat the first week.
Anyway what have I learned about myself? That I have more patience and tolerance than I thought I did.


USTH: Our thanks to Donald Trump, Trace Adkins, and Penn Jillette for taking the time to speak with us.  The finale to All-Star Celebrity Apprentice airs live on Sunday, May 19 at 9pm Eastern on NBC.


Written by Scott Katz   
Wednesday, 27 March 2013 12:23

Follow us each week as our USTownhall RoundTable panel discusses three of the hottest reality show competitions on television: Fox's American Idol, NBC's All-Star Celebrity Apprentice, and ABC's Dancing with the Stars!




Click on one of the tabs below to listen to the podcasts related to that series


Amber Holcomb
Angie Miller
Burnell Taylor
Candice Glover
Curtis Finch, Jr.
devin-velez-resize janelle-arthur-resize
Devin Velez
Janelle Arthur
Kree Harrison
Lazaro Arbos
Paul Jolley



FINALE: Top 2 perform Simon Fuller's Choice / Winner's Single / reprise of Favorite Performance from the Season.

- Candice Glover named American Idol

- Podcast coming soon!

Top 3 perform selections from Jimmy Iovine, the Idol judges, and the Producers.

- Angie Miller eliminated

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Top 7 perform Rock

- Burnell Taylor eliminated

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Top 4 perform Songs from Now and Then.

- Amber Holcomb eliminated

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Top 8 perform Motown

- Devin Velez eliminated

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Top 4 perform Contestants Choice and One-Hit Wonders (AT&T Idol Fan Theme Pick).   

- No one eliminated

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Top 9 perform The Beatles

- Paul Jolley eliminated

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Top 5 perform Songs from the Year They Were Born and Songs by Divas

- Janelle Arthur eliminated

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Top 10 perform Music of the American Idols

- Curtis Finch, Jr. eliminated

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Top 6 perform perform Burt Bacharach/Hal David and Songs They Wish They Had Written

- Lazaro Arbos eliminated

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Top 10 revealed

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Brande Roderick
Bret Michaels
Claudia Jordan
Dee Snider
Dennis Rodman
Gary Busey
La Toya Jackson
Lil John
Lisa Rinna
Marilu Henner
Penn Jillette
Stephen Baldwin
Trace Adkins


2-PART FINALE - Task 11: Lisa Rinna (Plan B) and Lil John (Team Power) fired leaving Penn Jillette and Trace Adkins as the final two.  Each team must create a new ice cream flavor for Walgreens DeLish brand and put together a promotional video and fundraising event for its new flavor.

- Podcast coming soon!

Task 10: Design a suite at Barclay's Center for Foxwoods.  Marilu Henner of Team Power fired.

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Task 5: Art sale & Omarosa from Team Power fired.

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Task 9: Create a 90-second video demonstrating LG's Smart Home Systems products - TV, cell phone, refrigerator, washing machine.  Gary Busey of Plan B fired.

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Task 4: Glass truck interactive experience for Farouk SystemsHair Care Products & Claudia Jordan from Team Power fired.

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Task 8: Create an interactive presentation for South African tourism in the categories of Adventure or Romance.  Brande Roderick of Team Power fired.

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Task 3: Soap opera themed stage play for Crystal Light & LaToya Jackson from Team Power fired.

Task 7: Create a one minute silent movie highlighting the Australian Gold brand of sun protection products.  Stephen Baldwin of Plan B fired.

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Task 2: 3D interactive photo experience for Universal Studios Orlando & Dee Snider from Plan B fired.

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Task 6: Create an advertorial campaign for Melania Trump's skin care line.  Dennis Rodman of Team Power fired.

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Task 1: Meatballs & Bret Michaels from Team Power fired.

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Alexandra Raisman (w/ Mark Ballas)
Andy Dick (w/ Sharna Burgess) DL Hughley (w/ Cheryl Burke) Dorothy Hamill (w/ Tristan MacManus) Ingo Rademacher (w/ Kym Johnson) Jacoby Jones (w/ Karina Smirnoff)
Kellie Pickler (w/ Derek Hough) Lisa Vanderpump (w/ Gleb Savchenko) Sean Lowe (w/ Peta Murgatroyd) Victor Ortiz (w/ Lindsay Arnold) Wynonna Judd (w/ Tony Dovolani) Zendaya (w/ Val Chmerkovskiy)


Week 9 Leaderboard - SEMI-FINALS

Score, Dance (Outcome)      ROUND 2
Score, Dance (Outcome)
Total for the Night
1 Alexandra Raisman & Mark Ballas 30, Rumba (Personal Best)
  1 Zendaya & Val Chmerkovskiy 30, Hip-Hop
(tied Personal Best)
     1 Alexandra Raisman & Mark Ballas: 59
1 Kellie Pickler & Derek Hough 30, Argentine Tango (Personal Best)
  2 Alexandra Raisman & Mark Ballas 29, Afro-Jazz 1 Jacoby Jones & Karina Smirnoff: 59
1 Jacoby Jones & Karina Smirnoff 30, Argentine Tango (Personal Best)
  2 Jacoby Jones & Karina Smirnoff 29, Lindy Hop
3 Kellie Pickler & Derek Hough: 58
4 Zendaya & Val Chmerkovskiy 25, Quickstep
  4 Kellie Pickler & Derek Hough
28, Flamenco 4 Zendaya & Val Chmerkovskiy: 55
5 Ingo Rademacher & Kym Johnson 24, Samba
  5 Ingo Rademacher & Kym Johnson
27, Charleston (Personal Best)
5 Ingo Rademacher & Kym Johnson: 51

                                        IN JEOPARDY ON RESULTS NIGHT: Zendaya and Ingo Rademacher.   ELIMINATED: Ingo Rademacher.


Week 11: FINALS - Top 3 perform

Week 6: Top 8 perform one unlearned dance to the theme "Stevie Wonder Night" and one team dance (Paso Doble or Samba).  Victor Ortiz eliminated.

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Week 10: Top 4 perform


Week 5: Top 9 perform one unlearned dance to the theme "Len's Side-by-Side Challenge."  DL Hughley eliminated.

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Week 9 SEMI-FINALS: Top 5 perform one unlearned dance and a dance to a theme assigned by Twitter voters.

- Podcast coming soon!

Week 4: Top 10 perform one unlearned dance to the theme "The Best Year of My Life."  Lisa Vanderpump eliminated.

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Week 8: Top 6 perform one ballroom dance and one trio dance.  Sean Lowe eliminated.

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Week 3: Top 11 perform one unlearned dance and group Prom King & Queen dance-off.  Wynonna Judd eliminated.

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Week 7: Top 7 perform to the theme "Latin Night."  Top couple gets immunity & remaining 6 couples compete in dance offs for three extra judges' points.  Andy Dick eliminated.

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Week 2: Top 12 perform Quickstep / Jive / Jazz.  Dorothy Hamill withdraws from competition.

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Week 1: Top 12 perform Cha-cha-cha / Foxtrot / Contemporary & meeting the celebrities

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2012-2013 TV Season Cancellations
Written by USTownhall staff   
Tuesday, 14 May 2013 15:24

Below is the listing of the broadcast network television series from the 2012-2013 season that are ending or have officially been canceled and will not return next season:


"1600 Penn" (NBC)
"30 Rock" (NBC)
"666 Park Avenue" (ABC)
"90210″ (CW)
"Animal Practice" (NBC)
"Ben & Kate" (FOX)
"Body of Proof" (ABC)
"The Cleveland Show" (FOX)
"Cult" (CW)
"Deception" (NBC)
"Do No Harm" (NBC)
"Don't Trust the B-- In Apartment 23″ (ABC)
"Emily Owens, MD" (CW)
"Go On" (NBC)
"Guys with Kids" (NBC)
"Family Tools" (ABC)
'Fringe" (FOX)
"Golden Boy" (CBS)
"Gossip Girl" (CW)
"Happy Endings" (ABC)
"How to Live With Your Parents (For the Rest of Your Life)" (ABC)
"Last Resort" (ABC)
"Made In Jersey" (CBS)
"Malibu Country" (ABC)
"The Mob Doctor" (FOX)
"Monday Mornings" (TNT)
"The New Normal" (NBC)
"The Office" (NBC)
"Private Practice" (ABC)
"Partners" (CBS)
"Red Widow" (ABC)
"Rock Center With Brian Williams" (NBC)
"Rules of Engagement" (CBS)
"Smash" (NBC)
"Southland" (TNT)
"Touch" (FOX)
"Up All Night" (NBC)
"Vegas" (CBS)
"Whitney" (NBC)
"Zero Hour" (ABC)



USTownhall RealStories presents DAVID GIUNTOLI of GRIMM
Written by Scott Katz   
Tuesday, 30 April 2013 13:40

NUP_136398_0072-resizeNBC has given its cult favorite series Grimm two votes of confidence recently.  On April 26, it was announced that Grimm has already been renewed for a third season, and beginning tonight, Grimm moves from its traditional Friday night timeslot to a prime spot on Tuesday nights after ratings juggernaut The Voice.  We spoke to Grimm's star David Giuntoli about the series and what we can expect for the remaining episodes of the season.  Grimm's second season finale will air on May 21.




USTownhall RealStories speaks with David Giuntoli of Grimm:

USTH: Can you tell us, in broad strokes, about some of the plot lines for the remainder of this season?

DAVID GIUNTOLI: Absolutely. Nick and Juliette start patching things up. And it's looking very hopeful for us come the end of the season. Two: a level 10 – as I like to call it – Wesen comes to Portland who is pulling the strings controlling a lot of other types of Wesen. We can call them the undead.
And he has an army of people under his control that wreak havoc. And this is a longer story arc. We'll be visited by an actor named Reg E. Cathey. He's a wonderful actor who's just been in House of Cards, and he's been in everything. And he's great. And he plays this kind of powerful Wesen that we will be introduced to in the next couple of episodes.
The Royals get closer and closer to me. They come to Portland, and they want the key. And I learn much more about why it is they want the key. The Captain and I start working together.
Let's see... Zombies are entering Portland. And also as far as Adalind goes – the Adalind storyline is insane. And that's all I'll say about that.


USTH: Looking to season three, what would you like to see happen with your character in both his professional and personal lives?

DAVID GIUNTOLI: Well, I'd like to see some resolve – some real closure – to the Juliette storyline. I love working with Bitsie Tulloch [who portrays Juliette Silverton], and it'd be nice to be just a couple again.
I want to get Sergeant Wu into the fray of the knowing. That would be really fun to work with him in the way that now Russell, Hank, and I can work together and Bree and Silas and the Captain. I would love to get Sergeant Wu into the fray.


USTH: Now that you've completed two seasons, what has this whole experience meant for you as an actor?

DAVID GIUNTOLI: I look back at the beginning of season one, and I'm like, "Who is that kid, that supple little kid?" It has been just an absolute gift to me and a blessing. And I've learned so much. I feel like I get paid to learn every day.
And I've become very good friends with a lot of my cast. And, you know, we live in Portland together. And they're my group now. It's been so lovely. And there's the producers and the writers and my bosses are also giving. They leave us alone. They give support. You never feel criticized. It's a very healthy place to be. So I'm very grateful.


USTH: You're on Tuesday nights for the rest of the season. Do you know if you're going to be on Tuesday nights in season three?

DAVID GIUNTOLI: I don't know if we'll be on Tuesday nights in season three. I guess we'll all kind of figure that out together based upon how we fit on Tuesday night for the rest of the season. I'd be really –I have had that thought myself. I do not know the answer.


NUP_145984_0073-resizeUSTH: Regarding working with Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio. Can you tell us a little bit about what it's like to have her on the show? And who is on your personal wish list for potential guest stars in the future that you would like to work with?

DAVID GIUNTOLI: Oh gosh. I can't say that just because there's so many. I wouldn't want to offend the people, you know?  Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio was wonderful to work with. And the episodes that she's been in have been so work intensive, and she has such a wonderful work ethic. And she's so fury, and working with her I get caught watching her all of the time and almost forget that I'm in the scene. Because she's so captivating and compelling and beautiful and just makes wonderful choices. And, you know, that's what I think about her.
I've really enjoyed the guest actors we've had thus far. And anybody's who's decided to come who can swing it we'll love to have.


USTH: Is there like a specific type of actor that you think fits well into the Grimm family?

DAVID GIUNTOLI: Sure, character actors.

USTH: Does it help to be a theater actor?

DAVID GIUNTOLI: You don't have to be like a theater actor per se. I mean, most actors have done some theater. I love the local guys getting some jobs – guys and girls getting some jobs because these are people who have dedicated to theater and they live in Portland. So there're not a ton of gigs that show up there. So I love when we get a really great new talent.
But also it's fun to expose viewers to people who you have not seen much. We had an actor named Brian Finney who is a very well respected actor in Los Angeles. He works with the Robbins Theater – the Actors' Gang. And he played the Ziegevolk in the episode where he was a lawyer who charmed the jury. And, it was great getting to have him. So, you know, that's the type of actor.


USTH: As far as you personally are concerned, what do you like to do during your down time? Are you an actor who seeks other projects like theater or movies? Or do you just like to take it easy until the season begins again?

DAVID GIUNTOLI: I like to seek other jobs that I think will push me and do something that I'm not currently doing.

USTH: Okay, do you have anything in the pipeline that you want to talk about?

DAVID GIUNTOLI: I do, but I can't talk about it because it's not a solidified yes. But I appreciate the question.

Our thanks to David Giuntoli for speaking with us today.  Grimm now airs on Tuesday nights at 10pm on NBC for the remainder of the season.


USTownhall RealStories presents BRYAN FULLER of HANNIBAL
Written by Scott Katz   
Monday, 01 April 2013 12:48

NUP_152907_0513-resizeOn Thursday, April 4, one of the most anticipated new television series of the year premieres on NBC.  Hannibal brings the iconic Dr. Hannibal Lecter to the small screen and into your living rooms as the cannibalistic serial killer serves up weekly helpings of his own peculiar brand of justice.

Mads Mikkelsen sinks his teeth into the title role, while Hugh Dancy functions as his bromantic foil, the troubled and tortured Will Graham, Special Agent for the FBI.  Rounding out the talented cast is veteran actor Laurence Fishburne as Graham's boss, Special Agent Jack Crawford.

Hannibal introduces us to these characters at a time that is years before the events of Thomas Harris' seminal novel, Red Dragon.  In the premiere of the series' first season of 13 episodes, Jack Crawford seeks Hannibal Lecter's help in assisting Will Graham in profiling the most dangerous serial killers stalking society.  Over the course of the first season, the relationship between Lecter and Graham is explored with an ever-present undercurrent of tension. Will Graham discover that his partner is a serial killer more dangerous and cunning than any he has ever encounted?  What will happen to him if he does?

We spoke with Bryan Fuller, the creator and Executive Producer of Hannibal about the series, its storylines, and the actors who make up the cast.  How are Hannibal and Will Graham similar?  What drives Hannibal to do the monstrous things that he does?  Does Hannibal see himself as a villain?  Will characters from Bryan Fuller's previous series such as Pushing Dasies, Wonderfalls and Dead Like Me appear?  How far do the depictions of gore and violence go?  Which of the four Hannibal novels will be used to form the basis of the series' stories?  What was it like working with Hugh Dancy, Mads Mikkelsen, and Laurence Fishburne?  The answers to all that and more are in the podcast below.


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You can pause and resume at any time as long as this page is not refreshed.




Bryan shares his feellings about the upcoming premiere night (2:46)
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What makes Hugh Dancy & Mads Mikkelsen the perfect choices for the roles of Will Graham and Hannibal Lecter? (4:46)
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How are Will Graham & Hannibal Lecter similar? (2:47)
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How far do the depictions of violence and cannibalism go? (2:48)
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What motivates Hannibal Lecter?  Can his actions be explained? (3:48)
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How long can this series run?  Where do the books fall in the timeline of this series? (4:31)
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Bryan shares what Laurence Fishburne told him about this summer's Man of Steel film. (1:18)
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Our thanks to Bryan Fuller for speaking with us today.  Hannibal airs Thursday nights at 10pm on NBC beginning April 4.



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